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Olivia Culpo in Red Two-Piece Workout Gear Reveals What She Eats

Here's everything to know about what Olivia Culpo eats to stay slim and healthy. 

In a skimpy red bra top and matching shorts, Olivia Culpo, 31, shares the nutrition program she does to get her diet and routine back on track after traveling. "I do the 5-day meal program intermittently throughout the year whenever I feel like I need a jumpstart and the results always speak for themselves- especially my energy levels!," she wrote on Instagram. "Thx Sakara Life." The former Miss Universe maintains a healthy lifestyle and diet to keep in shape and we take a closer look. Read on. 


She Regularly Eats Salmon for Dinner


On her site, Culpo wrote, "You'll notice that all the main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) follow a fairly easy formula of protein + vegetables. For dinner, I'll often cook a honey and garlic salmon and pair with roasted vegetables and quinoa. So delicious and easy to make!"


She Loves Breakfast


"I'm a breakfast person," she said in a video with Harper's BAZAAR. I have to eat breakfast in the morning, even if it's just a bar or half a bar, partially because I take a lot of vitamins, so I'll throw up if I don't eat." She added, "Also it wakes me up."


She's a Big Fan of Avocado Toast


Culpo is just one of the many celebs who eats avocado on a regular basis and she shared how she eats it in the video interview. The beauty queen revealed she starts the day off with an egg white omelet with spinach, tomato, and mushroom, and then avocado and toast. "I have to have fat in the morning because I take a lot of fish oil and it's something that you have to take together. It's just good for vitamin absorption."


She Snacks on Nuts


On her website, the model shared she has two snacks a day and the first one is typically nuts. "For a little pick-me-up, I will snack on a quarter cup of nuts mid-morning. It's a simple snack that fills me up, and is also super easy for when you are on the go!"


She Has a Light Lunch


Culpo avoids eating a heavy lunch because it affects her energy levels. "I try to have a light lunch because I feel like I get really tired around 3:00 p.m., so I'll usually have a salad with a protein," she told Harper's BAZAAR. 


She Eats Green Apples


For her second snack of the day, Culpo has fruit. "Green apples are another one of my favorite snacks, and also easy to eat even when you are on the road," she wrote on her site. 


She Loves Chicken


Culpo enjoys cooking and explained family meals she likes to make include chicken soup "because it's like a warm hug," homemade pizza, and chicken parmigiana. "I love chicken, so I like to make different chicken things, like there's this Chinese chicken bowl that I make that's really good."


She Has a Strict Regime When Preparing for a Shoot

When Culpo has a big event or shoot she needs to prepare for, she follows a plan that helps get her ready. "It has some annoying restrictions (no alcohol!) but overall it is all about establishing a healthy meal plan that is high in protein and fiber and low on carbs and sugar," she wrote on her website. "Another key part of this meal plan is eating 5 meals a day, spaced about 3 hours apart."

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