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Outer Banks' Fiona Palomo in Workout Gear Soaks Up the Sun

She wore a black top and tan hat.

Fiona Palomo is best known for her role in the Netflix series, Outer Banks. She also starred in the film Journey To Bethlehem. Palomo shared a selfie on Instagram last month. In it, she posed outside in a black top and tan hat. She captioned the post, "🌷🍃💐🌸🌼🪻🌿🍃"How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Fiona Palomo stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Challenges Herself

Palomo opened up about starring in Journey To Bethlehem in an interview with Flickering Myth. She says that she took the role to challenge herself. "For me, I was already interested in it. I thought it would be a really beautiful challenge to tackle that story and that character. And then on top of that it being a musical, obviously, it's terrifying. And I wanted to very much honor it and respect it."


She Works With People She's Comfortable With

Palomo tells Flickering Myth that she likes to work with people she's comfortable with. "Once I met Adam (the director) over zoom, way earlier on and heard his vision for the story and how much he just wanted to, you know, uplift people and put color and reinstall certain values, speak about purpose about family, and about all the things that I think are very, very essential to mankind. I was like, I'm on board, because I share that so much as well as an artist. And this I mean, the Scripture is beautiful. The music, I fell in love with it immediately. There's just something about it that was like yeah, this is my place. It's my family."


She Wants To Inspire Kids

Palomo tells Flickering Myth that she hopes to inspire young children with her roles. "I think that, well, I went through as many films I could get my hands on as possible. That showed and, you know, told this story or Mary or Joseph, whatever it kind of was, and I think this is beautiful, because I'm also very excited about it's a I think it'll be really colorful, and good for you know, families and kids. And that's a whole other generation, the kids, that is the future of the planet, and they are growing up with having a sensation of being uplifted and thinking about values and family already. I think we have a really beautiful future ahead. And that is very, very important to me. So I'm very excited that it's out now."


She Likes to Read

"Reading a book is like eating a superfood for your brain. Studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have shown that reading is a complex task involving different parts of the brain. By observing changes to blood flow in the brain, researchers can see that reading stimulates the brain's neural pathways. This stimulation enhances brain activity, memory and cognitive function — ultimately boosting your creativity and expanding your capacity to learn," says Nuvance Health.


She Soaks Up the Sun

"One of the best (and easiest) ways to get vitamin D is by being outside. Our bodies produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight—about 15 minutes in the sun a day is adequate if you're fair skinned. And since Vitamin D helps your body maintain calcium and prevents brittle, thin, or misshapen bones, soaking in sun may be just what the doctor ordered," says Select Health.

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