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Outer Banks Star Carlacia Grant Shares Swimsuit Photo From Greece

How she trained for the role of Cleo.

Outer Banks star Carlacia Grant wrapped up her summer with a fun-filled trip to beautiful Nikki Beach in Santorini, Greece. Grant, who plays Cleo on the show, shared a picture of herself posing in a cabana while wearing a brown bikini. Other photos and video showed the incredible food and swimming pool at the resort. "I've got a crush on Greece ☺️," she captioned the post. Here's what Grant's training looks like, and how she feels about her castmates.


Training For Cleo

Grant wanted to be as physically prepared as possible for the role of Cleo. "I immediately got a trainer, Max Solomon, and we worked a lot on strength training, cardio, and toning," she says. "I wanted to make sure that physically Cleo looked strong. Honestly, I was pretty ready when it came to the physicality of the role, having had a trainer beforehand, but one thing I will say I did learn was that it is extremely hard to swim in the ocean fully clothed."


Authentically Herself

Grant draws on her own life experiences to play Cleo. "Cleo inspires me because she is authentically herself no matter the situation she is put in," she says. "She trusts her instincts, that's a valuable tool to use as an actor. Cleo is very ambitious when it comes to things that she wants and that's something that resonates with me… Many of Cleo's mannerisms that you see in the show I get from my aunts and other family members. Although I wasn't born in the Caribbean, growing up in South Florida, my family gave me as close as you can get to a firsthand experience of being on the islands. I drew parts of my inspiration from my Haitian/Bahamian godmother that taught me proper enunciation, slang words, and just corrected me overall. However, in a way, it feels like I've been preparing to be Cleo before I was even cast."


Filming Workouts

Just filming the show gave Grant a decent workout. "The show is a lot of cardio: running, swimming, everything in between," she says. "[The cast] would all pass each other in the gym and we'd do some workouts together. That helped with being able to deal with the demand of the show." 


Friends Forever

Grant says her Outer Banks co-stars will be friends for life. "We were constantly messing with each other, bothering each other, and doing fun stuff," she says. "We would be playing basketball, skateboarding, biking, eating, napping—it's kind of like summer camp where there's all these different activities going on all the time… Being in Barbados was one the best experiences of my life. Netflix booked an entire hotel only for us, so we were really able to bond as people. It was kind of like boarding school, where we all lived together in this giant hotel; we had sleepovers and we would go to the pool and really bond with each other. We'll take those memories with us for a lifetime."


Self-Care Time

Grant relaxes by enjoying her favorite cuisines and relaxing at the spa. "I'm a total foodie!" she says. "I love going out for food, but sometimes I go to the movies. I like being near the water listening to a good audiobook or going to the spa."

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