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Outer Banks Star Madison Bailey Shares Swimsuit Photo "Red Hot"

How the show changed her beauty style.

Outer Banks star Madison Bailey has never been more confident in her own skin, and it shows. Bailey, who plays Kiara "Kie" Carrera on the show, shared a picture of herself wearing a black Tommy Hilfiger bikini and shorts, posing on a dock next to the ocean. "Red hot @tommyhilfiger summer," she captioned the post. Here's how Bailey's style has evolved, and what's next for the actress.


Low-Key Beauty

Bailey says her role on Outer Banks inspired a different approach to beauty. "I wear a lot less makeup than I did before the show," she says. "That definitely changed the way I view makeup. I'm more into a natural, glowy look versus a full face. It made me more comfortable in my own skin. I feel a lot more naturally beautiful than I ever have."


Dreaming of Cher


Bailey is passionate about any female-driven storylines. "Honestly, my dream role would be if they remade Burlesque. Me and Cher, oh my God," she says. "At the end of my career, I want the list of things I haven't done to be very small. I like so many different movies myself. I am a watcher of many genres, whether it's Burlesque or if they did a modern black-and-white spy movie…I hope people can watch one movie that I'm in and cry and watch one movie that I'm in and laugh and then be terrified — I want to tell all of the stories."


Skincare Style

Bailey is a proud face of Fenty Beauty. "My skin is usually pretty in the middle—not too oily or too dry," she says. "For the most part, my skin stays clear, but if I'm breaking out, it's typically either from traveling or it's that time of the month. I usually gotta up my skincare routine when I'm traveling and always make sure to bring a variety of products with me. In general, my skin priorities are having an even tone and keeping my skin hydrated. I feel like that's the key."


Social Media Star

Madison Bailey/Instagram

Bailey has a huge following on social media, which she says is a double-edged sword. "The best part is I feel like I can interact with people at any moment," she says. "The other day I got on Live just to talk to people and let them get to know me more. I plan on being solely an actress and I feel like that's my platform for people to get to know who I am in my private life. I don't mind getting personal. I'm an open book 90 percent of the time. I'd say the worst part about the following is the other 10 percent of that time, when I want privacy. It brings me a lot of anxiety at random times."


SPF Every Day

Bailey's skincare regimen is simple yet effective. "My skincare routine has definitely evolved since I started getting into it—lots of trial and error," she says. "I'd say one of my biggest mistakes was using harsh exfoliants and using them too often. Now, I use way gentler products overall. Another thing is that I, like a lot of other people, underestimated the importance of applying sunscreen daily. I do [apply it daily] now."

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