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Paige Turley In Workout Gear "Cried Like a Baby" After London Marathon 

"I cried like a baby at that finish line."

Love Island star Paige Turley is celebrating after completing the London Marathon for the first (and she says, only) time. Turley shared a picture of herself wearing shorts and a black shirt, holding her medal. "Honored to say I ticked it off the bucket list with one of my best friends @tammccormick1 (despite him having a back injury) & raised some funds for @childrenwithcanceruk .. I cried like a baby at that finish line 😂 verrrry sore today but it was all worth it. Thank you for the support and donations – it really means a lot & will go towards an incredible charity! Ps. NEVER again 😮‍💨 & massive congrats to anyone else who took part," she captioned the post. Here's how the singer stays fit, strong, and happy.


Yoga and The Secret

Turley loves reading self-help books and doing hot yoga. "It was actually my old manager at work, who introduced me to manifestation and the Law of Attraction," she told Heatworld. "He actually bought me The Secret before going into the villa. I read that and The Alchemist whilst I was in lockdown over in South Africa and it just kind of made sense. I'm a total believer in it, it's something that I live by. It also really helped in the pandemic, as well. I also go to hot yoga every week, because just having that time to ease and slow down is really good."


Bathing Beauty

Turley swears by baths for self-care and relaxation. "Now, I love a self-care day," she told Heatworld. "Throughout lockdown, every day was a self-care day. I like a two-hour bath, which Finn [Tapp] regularly shouts at me for because as soon as the water gets cold, I let the bath out and run myself another one! I also love face masks (Paige loves the Skin Republic Super Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen Face Mask) and Netflix and cozy pajamas are my go-to."


Preparing For Love Island

Turley was prepared to deal with criticism before going on Love Island. "You can't really have any expectations from this because you don't know what's going to come off the back of it," she told Glamour. "I might be the nation's most hated woman after it, so I never have too many expectations. I do a lot of yoga to keep my mental health in check; it's very zen. I mean that'll be a right laugh on the telly, seeing me sweating under the sun, trying to hold a pose."


Preventing Breakouts


Turley doesn't have a tried and true method for preventing breakouts. "Do you know that's actually a really hard one because people say, 'Drink water' and I can drink four liters and I would still get a breakout right on the day before I've got an event and it's quite annoying!" she told Heatworld. "But I do I think eating good food, hydration and good sleep is a big one. Alcohol tends to break me out and my skin is never good after a heavy weekend. But product-wise, I would always just say anything with salicylic acid in and making sure that I put moisture back in my skin. I like to wear an oil to sleep in at night."


Boot Camp and Personal Trainer

Turley enjoys boot camp classes, mixing up cardio and weights. She also works out with a personal trainer. "If we'd trained lower body in boot camp on Monday, we might focus on upper body exercises during my PT time," she told Women's Health.

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