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Snowboarder Brenna Huckaby In Workout Gear Rides An  E-Bike

“I can’t believe we live here.”

Snowboarder Brenna Huckaby is pinching herself over living in one of the most beautiful places in the United States—Montana. Huckaby, 28, shared a picture of herself wearing black shorts and a matching tank top, posing on her electronic bike against an incredibly beautiful lake background. "I genuinely can't believe we live here 😍. That's it. that's the caption," she wrote. "Awesome! I love my Specialized!! I have the same bike! Such a game changer for me with mtn biking! 🙌," commented a fan. Here's how the paralympic athlete stays fit, happy, and strong.


Gymnastics Background

Brenna Huckaby/Instagram

Huckaby says the moment she tried snowboarding for the first time, it was something she would do for the rest of her life. "Sports were always my outlet in life," she told Forbes. "When I lost my leg, I lost my future in gymnastics, which was what I had built my entire identity around. After my amputation, I didn't see a future in sports for myself—not because of my ability, but because I didn't think I would find something I loved as much as gymnastics. The second I started snowboarding, I knew this was something I would do forever."


Tonal Ambassador

Brenna Huckaby/Instagram

Huckaby is proud of her job as an ambassador for Tonal, which is accessible for people of different abilities. "[You] can have more weight when you lift up and less weight when you lower the weights," she told Forbes. "You can't do that with traditional weights!"


Healthy Snacks


Huckaby keeps healthy snacks on hand for her family. "The more under-the-radar, the better!" she told SheKnows. "When we aren't eating fresh fruits and vegetables (I am super lucky my kiddo loves those), we like to snack on the Island Stretch fruit leathers. I and my husband may eat the majority of them because they are so tasty."


Family Snowboarding Sessions

Brenna Huckaby/Instagram

Huckaby is happiest spending time outdoors with her family. "We are an outdoor family," she told Shape. "I gave Lilah her own mini snowboard [when she could stand]. When she was 11 months old, she was already able to ride it down a bunny slope with me alongside her."


Sunscreen Every Day

Brenna Huckaby/Instagram

Huckaby never skips sunscreen. "I use Supergoop sunscreen like it's my job," she told SheKnows. "It has such a pleasant texture and absorbs into the skin nicely. I like how it also doesn't have a smell, and you can apply makeup on top easily. Plus, sunscreen is so important in skincare, so I make sure to wear it daily."

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