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Parineeti Chopra In Workout Gear Burns Off "Chamkila" Weight Gain

Here are her fitness tips.

Parineeti Chopra is dedicated to her craft—the actress deliberately put on over 30 pounds for her role in the Netflix movie Chamkila, and now she's working hard to burn it off again. Chopra shared a video of herself wearing neon workout gear, doing strength training exercises at the gym.  "I spent 6 months last year singing in Rahman sir's studio, and going back home to eat as much junk as I possibly could to put on 15 KILOS for Chamkila! (Coming soon on Netflix 😍) Music and Food. That was my routine. Now that the film is done, the story is the opposite. I miss the studio, and work in the gym trying to look like myself again. And not like Amarjot ji! It's been hard. But anything for you Imtiaz sir! And this role 😍Many more inches to go. 💪," she captioned the post. Here's what Chopra's diet, exercise, and wellness looks like.


Strength Training

Chopra's workout routine is detailed on her social media—the actress is burning fat and building lean muscle with strength training at the gym. "I think weights are great if you have access to those things, if you have a gym membership or have things in your home that you can use," Aaron Lowry, PT, tells University of Utah Health Library. "But even if you don't, using your body weight, like your own body's weight against gravity is a great way to start. And if you're someone who's not particularly conditioned already, you don't need a lot of weight to have the effects that you want to have happen in your body, as in getting stronger, feeling better, looking better, etc."


No Bland Diets

Chopra struggled to lose weight in the past, but a visit to an Austrian clinic for testing revealed the actress should avoid certain foods such as milk and eggs. "It would have been really easy for me to starve myself and eat bland food to lose weight," she told ELLE India. "But I can't do that forever, my attention span is very short. What I'm doing now is more long-term. Now I know which foods suit me and which ones are harder to digest. I plan my meals accordingly. People ask me what I've given up and the answer is nothing, I eat everything but I know how to balance it out now."


Martial Arts Workouts

Chopra was not immune to the dangers of the 'freshman 15', returning to India from London unhappy with her physique. "I started doing kalaripayattu with a trainer who would come home," she told ELLE India. "It's a martial art form and all it requires is an empty room. Once I lost weight, I started going to the gym again because now I feel like it. My workouts are more focused now. I want to achieve a particular shape and tone specific muscles. It's fun. You feel so much better about yourself and when people react, you feel even better."


Scuba Diving

Chopra's favorite thing about traveling around the world is experiencing the kindness of strangers. "I am a scuba diver and the basic nature of the sport is for me to be able to meet strangers and spend time with them and be able to learn from different cultures," she told Lifestyle Asia. "I feel like even if you don't speak the language – I've stayed in jungle accommodations and I've stayed on beaches and I've stayed on boats and trekked in places that nobody goes – you'll be surprised to see how much kindness there is in the world. Just strangers helping you out and putting you up in their houses, giving you a meal, helping you carry your bag when there is no network, no proper roads, etc."


Empathy and Meditation

Chopra has learned to be philosophical about any negative experiences in her life. "If you are empathetic and you understand the other point of view, you never get angry," she told Lifestyle Asia. "I remember when I was really young, whenever I would get angry, I would feel a lot of guilt afterwards. And over the years I started meditating, and it helped me a lot. Now I don't have to protect that moment because I very naturally do not react to things."


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