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Pole Vaulter Robin Bone In Workout Gear Lifts 305 Pounds At the Gym

Here are her fitness tips.

It takes a lot of training to be a champion pole vaulter like Robin Bone, and her social media is proof of just how hard the athlete works. Bone shared a video of herself wearing gray leggings and a green top, lifting a huge amount of weight while doing squats. "NEW PR!! 305LBS BABY!!!! Going into this season my goal was to hit 2.5 times my body weight on this explosive exercise… this was 2.54🤪🎉☑️," she captioned the post. Here's how Bone stays so fit, fast, and fabulous.


Oatmeal with Chia


Bone starts the day with oatmeal for a slow energy release. "My daily breakfast varies for different training days but my staple is a coffee and a hearty bowl of oats with chia seeds, hemp seed, flax seed, some fruit and almond butter," she told Women's Fitness. "I find this combo keeps me full throughout my training without making me feel sluggish."


Upper Body Workouts

One of Bone's favorite upper body workouts is the Stability Ball Plank with Shoulder Extension and Circles. "In an elbow plank position on a stability ball, place your elbows onto the ball with your feet on the ground roughly shoulder width apart," she told Women Fitness. "Ensure that you have a flat back and your core muscles are engaged. Once in this position, roll your elbows forward onto the ball creating a shoulder extension with your head in between your elbows then return to the original position. After doing a set of these, reset to the original elbow plank position then circle your elbows on the ball to the left while keeping a strong core then do a set circling elbows to the right. I typically do 10 extensions, 10 left elbow circles and 10 right elbow circles in one set."


Golfing For Fun

Bone likes to play golf as a refreshing and fun change from her usual track and pole vault training. With a typical golf game often lasting over four hours, the sport is a great way to stay active while having a good time with friends. "Regular access to green spaces has been linked to lower risks of depression and improved concentration and attention," say the experts at UC Davis.


Coffee and Sunshine

Bone says coffee and sunshine make her a happy girl. "Coffee is made from beans, a plant food. Research is showing that the phenolic components in coffee provide health-promoting effects similar to those in vegetables or fruits," Devon Peart, RD, MHSc, BASc, tells the Cleveland Clinic.


Training In the Sun

Bone is always outdoors for training and competition, so she has to be extra careful to protect herself from the sun. "Training in Phoenix heat does take a toll on my hair and skin, so I have created a regimen to keep both of these healthy and moisturized," she told Women Fitness. "I naturally have freckles so I try to keep my skin protected as best I can. I don't wear make-up during training days but after I wash my face in the morning I apply sunscreen. My hair has never been so dry as it is in Phoenix from the constant sun beating down so I apply a heat protectant spray to my hair in the morning to protect against UV rays. And of course like most women, I love to do a face-mask or hair-mask every now and then to keep my skin moisturized and healthy!"

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