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Pretty Little Liars Star Shay Mitchell Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying Hi

Here are her top health tips

Summer may be over, but Shay Mitchell isn't ready to retire her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts, the Pretty Little Liars star and luggage entrepreneur shows off her amazing body in a patterned bathing suit, seriously impressing her followers. "You literally don't age," commented one. "You're so gorg," added another. How does the actress maintain her fit physique? Celebwell rounded up a few of her top health tips. 


Drink Protein Shakes Spike with Coffee

Shay is a fan of a multi-tasking morning beverage. "I'm not a breakfast person, so for me, it's usually my coffee-protein shake — an odd concoction of cold brew, ice, two scoops of protein, and a handful of spinach. Some days, I'll start with celery juice or tea and water with lemon," she told The Cut.


Don't Be Afraid of Lifting "Heavier" Weights


Shay is one of the many stars who is proof that lifting heavy weights won't bulk you up. "I love working out and look forward to the gym. Since having kids, I've started getting into weights. It's invigorating to lift heavier than before. I'm an Aries — we're very competitive with ourselves and other people," she told the publication. 


Build a "Bum"

If you want a backside like Shay, you are going to have to do a lot of glute work for it. "These days, I love doing anything for the bum. On TikTok, I'm seeing all these girls with the little scrunch pants, and I bought a pair for myself and … it didn't do anything. That's how I knew it was still time to build a bum," she told The Cut.


Talk It Out


Shay invests time and money in her mental health. Regular therapy sessions help her deal with negativity and trolls.  "If you're just being negative to be negative, that never has any effect on me, because I know that those people are hurting themselves. I had that experience being in high school. I've been bullied. I've gone through that, and I've had enough therapists to tell me it has nothing to do with me. So at this point, being in my mid-30s, anything just negative to be negative will never affect me. I can promise you that," she told The Cut. 


Practice Sleep Hygiene

Shay stresses the importance of sleep hygiene. "Before I go to bed, I'll have sleep tea or something like that, because it's sometimes difficult for me to turn off my mind," she told The Cut. 

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