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Priyanka Chopra Sunbathes in Swimsuit Photo Saying "Happy New Year"

Chopra posed in a black swimsuit while sunbathing in one photo.

Priyanka Chopra, and her husband, Nick Jonas, and their daughter are enjoying a family vacation in Cabo. She shared some highlights on Instagram. In them, she enjoyed time at the beach, a night out with her husband, and a coconut drink. Chopra posed in a black swimsuit while sunbathing in one photo. She captioned the post, "Took some time to feed my soul. 2023 had me spent.. maybe I still am. Here's to a 2024 highlighted by peace, respite, family, love, joy and community. Hold your loved ones close. We are very lucky if we can. Happy new year." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Priyanka Chopra stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Does Her Skincare Before Applying Makeup

Chopra has amazing skin, and she shared one of her biggest tips in an interview with WhoWhatWear. "I think it would be the importance of skincare before you apply makeup. I always took care of my skin, but when I started working with Pati Dubroff, she always prioritised my skincare before a makeup application, and the makeup just looked better."


She Takes Care Of Her Hair

Chopra shared some of her beauty secrets with Into The Gloss. She says that haircare is important to her, since she has a lot of treatment done. "I do two or three shoots a day and my hair gets blown out every morning, so it really needs to be cared for," she says. "Every week, I try to do a conditioning mask, which is the Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak. They have amazing hydrating masks, and I use them as often as I remember. I also do oil massages on my head. You put coconut oil on your roots and just massage. It's a very old Indian tradition, even though coconut oil is just catching on in the States. It helps create healthy hair, but you have to wash it off with another conditioner after about an hour. You can get it done at spas, too."


She Keeps Her Skin Moisturized

Chopra tells Into The Gloss that one of her biggest skincare secrets is keeping it moisturized. "I travel so much, and cabin pressure dehydrates my hair and skin, so moisturizing is my life. Taking off makeup and moisturizing are the two things you need to do. People are horrible at it, but you have to do it! It's the only way for your skin to survive crazy lifestyles. Take two or three minutes to just cleanse. That's the only way."


She Uses Organic Products


Chopra tells Into The Gloss that she uses a lot of organic products on her skin. "Lemon or lime in water is really great for skin. Coconut water, too. I had troubled skin, but I never had acne. My skin just didn't glow much, so I learned early that what I eat really matters. In India, people love turmeric. They make turmeric milk, and sometimes I mix it with some cream or yogurt and turn it into a scrub. You'd be amazed at what it can take off your skin."


She Cleanses

Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

Chopra makes sure to cleanse her skin. "My skin is being 'traumatized' all the time with all this makeup, which is why cleansing is supremely important," she explained to Into The Gloss. "Obviously if you don't abuse your skin the way I do, then it's not that bad. What I do in the morning, especially before a shoot, is wash my face. Sometimes I use Chanel's Lait Confort, which is really great for your skin. People don't know this, but just like I take yogurt and use it as an exfoliator, I can also use it to cleanse my face. It's hydrating. It smells funky, so you should do it at night, but it's amazing if you have dry skin."

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