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RHOBH Star Annemarie Wiley in Workout Gear Says "New Year, Same Me"

Here are her fat-burning tips.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Annemarie Wiley is stepping into the new year by giving fans and followers a glimpse at her current workout routine. Wiley shared a picture of herself posing in gray Nike two-piece workout gear, holding 25-pound weights in each hand. Another video showed her getting cardio on an exercise bike. "New year, same me. Consistency is key," she captioned the post. Wiley is an old hand at building muscle and burning fat—here are her top tips for getting a strong, toned, muscular physique. 


Resistance Training

Wiley frequently posts pictures of herself working out at the gym, and insists resistance training is a key aspect of getting strong and into shape. "Muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat tissue, so over time, as you build more muscle, your body will burn more calories at rest. And for those of us over 40, resistance training will also combat age related muscle loss and bone mineral deficiency," she says.


Caloric Deficit


Wiley emphasizes how important caloric deficit is for losing weight, and recommends keeping track of every meal and snack to stay accountable. This way you know if you're taking in less calories than you're burning off. "No magic trick to this one: You must burn more calories than you consume! Weighing your food and logging your workouts is a great way to keep track and maintain this balance," she says.


Protein Intake

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Wiley makes protein the focal part of her daily diet, especially as a protein-heavy meal is likely to be more satiating and lead to better food choices overall. "Protein is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle tissue. Protein is essential to build lean muscle. It helps to speed recovery after exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and curb hunger," she says.


Rest Days

Wiley is a strong advocate for giving the body enough time to recover from working out, which allows you to gain muscle and be strong. "Rest allows your body to recover from the stress of workouts and gives your muscles time to repair and regain strength. It also balances the hormones responsible for hunger and regulating metabolism," she says.


Hot Yoga

Wiley's workout routine includes regular hot yoga sessions, which are good for both physical and mental health. "Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention; and sharpens concentration," Natalie Nevins, DO, tells the American Osteopathic Association. "As an osteopathic physician, I focus a lot of my efforts on preventive medicine and practices, and in the body's ability to heal itself. Yoga is a great tool for staying healthy because it's based on similar principles."

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