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Rochelle Humes Looks Superfit in 7 New Swimsuit Photos She Just Shared

“Mentally here.”

Rochelle Humes is a singer, and former member of the girl group, The Saturdays. Since then, she has started a hosting career and has written a cookbook. Humes recently shared some highlights from a past vacation on Instagram. In them, she posed on a beach in a swimsuit. Humes captioned the post, "Mentally here." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Rochelle Humes stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Juices

Rochelle Humes/Instagram

Humes shared some of her diet secrets in an interview with Hello! She says that she loves to make and drink a juice each morning. "In the morning I'll have a juice to start off the day – that might be a fresh orange, but from the juicer. I like apple, carrot, ginger and I actually have celery straight sometimes. It's really good for you and my skin really notices when I haven't had it."


She Eats Healthy

Rochelle Humes/Instagram

Humes shared her favorite healthy meals with Hello! "I'll have overnight oats or I make banana pancakes a lot, which is literally just one banana, one egg, a handful or oats, a bit of cinnamon and mix it together, then fry it in coconut oil. I have that with some natural yoghurt and some berries on top and honey. My kids love that actually. I'm not the biggest breakfast person – I'm more about lunch and dinner. I'll have maybe a salad for lunch, but it depends where I am. Then in the evening it might be pasta… last night I had salmon and noodles and veg, like a traybake. My evening is my meal where I treat myself."


She Does A Variety Of Workouts

Rochelle Humes/Instagram

Humes works with trainer, Peter Maciver, to help her stay in shape. He talked about the workouts he does with her in an interview with Hello! "No two workouts with me are ever the same," he said. "We might be doing the same body part but we'll do different exercises as much as possible. This keeps things new and fresh and also stops the body becoming used to certain exercises."


She Prioritizes Fitness

Rochelle Humes/Instagram

Humes shared her wellness secrets in an interview with Women's Fitness. She says that exercise is a priority for her. "The reality is I need to stay fit and healthy for my kids, but I also feel genuinely better when I'm active. When I'm busy with work and I can't work out in the way that I normally would, I notice a big difference in how I mentally and physically feel. Sometimes, doing exercise can feel like a hassle, but I really miss it when I can't do it."


She Eats A Balanced Diet

Rochelle Humes/Instagram

Humes tells Women's Fitness that she believes in eating a balanced diet. "Life's too short not to try a bit of everything! Balance is the key to a happy life, but it can be a really hard thing to strive for because we can't control everything life throws at us.  However, when it comes to food, I think it's easier than you think because you're in charge of what you put in your body. I try to make smart choices and have a healthy, balanced diet from Monday to Friday, but at the weekends I'll eat exactly what I want. If I want the cake, I'm gonna eat the cake!"

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