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Rocky Barnes in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Spicing Things Up" in New Workout

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Rocky Barnes is an influencer and model who values staying fit at 38. She recently did an Instagram collaboration with the Trube app, and did some workouts. In a video, she is seen doing squats with a kettlebell, dips, using a treadmill, and a rowing machine. Barnes captioned the post, "Spicing things up 🌶️ the Trube Lifestyle Collective allows you to join up to 4 unique workout experiences a month exclusively through the @trubeapp ! Each class is a new expert trainer in a unique venue like this one at @technogym … can't wait for the next one!" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Rocky Barnes stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Uses Weights

Rocky Barnes/Instagram

Barnes is seen using a kettlebell weight in her video. ACE Fitness states that these have a lot of benefits. "Lifting heavy weights elevates levels of anabolic hormones—specifically testosterone, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1)—which are used to repair muscle fibers damaged during exercise. This helps the muscle fibers to become thicker and capable of generating higher levels of force."


She Uses A Treadmill

Rocky Barnes/Instagram

Barnes is also seen on a treadmill in her recent post. Healthy Talbot states that using a treadmill has a lot of benefits. "Treadmill working is an aerobic/ cardio exercise. Studies demonstrate that aerobic exercise can minimize the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, they can strengthen your heart muscles. This helps to lower blood pressure and allows the heart to pump blood more efficiently. Most doctors recommend aerobic exercise to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases."


She Uses A Rowing Machine

Rocky Barnes/Instagram

Barnes also uses a rowing machine in her post. The Cleveland Clinic states that this is a great exercise. "Catch, drive, finish, recover. Catch, drive, finish, recover. Whether you do it on the serene lake, in a quiet corner of the gym or from the comfort of your home, the repetitive nature of rowing can have a meditative effect. Add that to the stress-relieving benefits of physical activity and you've got yourself a natural mood booster."


She Does Tricep Dips

Rocky Barnes/Instagram

Barnes does tricep dips with a platform in her post. Gymless states that these are a great workout. "The dip, also known as tricep dips is a compound upper body exercise that develops the triceps, chest, and shoulders. This is one of the fundamental exercises in calisthenics that you shoulder master it will advance your pushing strength, helping you to increase your reps count for the push-up, along with transitional strength in power moves such as the muscle-up. Dips can give you a great chest and triceps workout without having to use a gym membership or any expensive equipment. You can perform chair dips at the comfort of your own home by using chairs, and you can also up the challenge by trying dips on a parallel bar or a straight bar. Our triceps muscles enable us to extend the elbows, and it is a powerful extender of the forearm. Triceps are often used for pushing, which is utilized in our everyday activities such as opening a door, inserting a plug into a socket, or moving furniture across the room."


She Does Squats

Barnes is seen doing squats in her post. Allina Health states that squats are very beneficial. "The squat is one of the all-around best exercises to do for your lower body. It strengthens and tones muscles in your thighs, butt and calves and improves posture, balance, flexibility and inner core strength. Squatting also improves bone mineral density to keep your bones strong. Include squats in your exercise routine two to three days a week to reap the benefits from this dynamite move. Rest at least one day to allow muscle recovery."

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