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Romee Strijd in Workout Gear Says it's "Time to Get Back in the Gym"

“Time to get back in the gym,” she captioned the mirror selfie shared via her Instagram Stories.

Romee Strijd is getting her sweat on – in her workout clothes. In a new social media post the model looks slender and fit in a tight green workout look as she gets ready to exercise. "Time to get back in the gym," she captioned the mirror selfie shared via her Instagram Stories. How does the model approach health and wellness? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


Whole Grains, Veggies, Lean Proteins

Romee tries to stay away from red meat. "It's been something I've been trying to do—I think it has certain health benefits for me," she told Elle Australia, dishing on her diet. "I love oatmeal in the morning; you can find the recipe on my YouTube channel. For lunch, she will eat a bowl of grains, salad, and vegetables, and for dinner, she enjoys eating out at a nice restaurant with her boyfriend or friends. 


Lots of Exercise


Romee infuses a lot of cardio into her workouts. "What I always fit in my workout schedule is running, incline walks and stairs. So I would say going on a treadmill, run 15 minutes, 15 minutes incline walk, run 15 minutes, 15 minutes incline walk. That will make you sweat, but you will feel energized," she told Elle. "I'm always changing my workouts because I get bored so easily with the same routines. I like to do a mix of weight training/cardio and something that lengthens your muscles, like Pilates, yoga, or barre. My favorite cardio workout is definitely boxing so, when I'm not traveling, I go to Dogpound in NYC! And when I am traveling, I like to pack a jump rope and ankle weights in my suitcase," she added to Glamour.


Cheat Meals

Romee eats healthy most of the time, saving her cheat meals for restaurants. "There are so many restaurants to go to on a cheat day. I love bread, with dips, sushi, burgers, pasta…" she told Elle. "But my real cheat meal is dessert. I have a sweet tooth so this is the area where I like to cheat. Ice cream, with chocolate, caramel, etc… That's what gets me excited!"


Wellness Treatments

Romee enjoys wellness treatments. "I've tried the infrared sauna and I actually really like it. You have all these different coloured lights and every colour does something different. [I also use] the jade roller. I put it in my freezer, so it's extra cold. And, I use it in the morning when I'm super tired. I feel like it takes the puffiness out of the eyes after flying or after a short night," she told Harper's Bazaar UK


Workout Buddies

Romee Strijd/Instagram

Romee is all about workout buddies. "My boyfriend and I workout together. We never really do the same training, but we go to the gym together and then we say, 'Okay, one hour from now we're leaving.' So, it helps. We get competitive. We always do a planking challenge. I think it's really motivating [to work out with your partner], because whenever I don't feel like it, he's like, 'Oh, come on. Let's do it! Let's get it over with!'" she told Harper's Bazaar. She also workouts out with her model friends. "[The Angels and I] always try to work out together and then plan a nice brunch or lunch after. It's really motivating. Jasmine [Tookes] is the most hardcore. She's strong. She can do a lot of weights!"


Food Prep

Romee Strijd/Instagram

"I think the most important thing for women on-the-go is to be prepared," Romee told Glamour. "I really like to prepare my day the night before if I know the next day is going to be hectic. Brussels sprouts and butternut roasted in the oven, paired with chicken and hummus is my favorite! I'll also make sure to bring healthy snacks or make a lunch/dinner box if I am getting on a plane. (I'm not a huge fan of airline food.)

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