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Rosie Fortescue In Workout Gear Has "Such a Fun Day" Playing Padel Tennis 

"This outfit is beyond dreamy and perfect for my padel obsession!"

Made In Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue is adding padel tennis to her very fun fitness repertoire. Fortescue, 34, shared pictures of herself dressed in a very snazzy skirt and sweatshirt, ready to hit the court. "🎾 The best day with @varley at @beaverbrook 🎀 I absolutely adore the brand and the divine group of girls who i had such a fun day playing padel and tennis with! This outfit is beyond dreamy and perfect for my padel obsession! 🎾" she captioned the post. Here's how the reality star and entrepreneur says fit and beautiful.


Breakfast and Boxing


Fortescue tends to have the same breakfast repeatedly. "I am really into making porridge at the moment, with cinnamon and fruit," she told Get the Gloss. "I have breakfast obsessions and then get sick of my choices. Sometimes I am addicted to peanut butter on toast, and sometimes it's scrambled eggs with avocado and smoked salmon. I head to the gym if I don't have any morning meetings. I have just discovered Kobox on the Kings Road which has recently opened and I am obsessed. I haven't really got into boxing before but now I'm addicted!"


Working Out For Stress Relief

Fortescue loves the stress relief regular workouts provide and genuinely loves to exercise. "Don't get me wrong, some days it's hard to get the motivation, but it has become part of my life now and I find it's extremely good for both my mind and body health," she told Soph Bradshaw. "Squats are a big part of my workouts, whether it's squat jumps or with weights, there are lots of ways to mix it up. Boxing is great for coordination and all over toning. I also love it for stress relief! Press ups are great for upper body and arms and I am currently perfecting my pull ups!"


Therapeutic Cooking

Fortescue loves cooking at home when possible. "If I haven't got events or dinners in the evening around 6/7pm when I get home I will start cooking dinner and catching up on emails," she told Get the Gloss. "I find cooking really therapeutic and adore food so may cook a steak with vegetables and sweet potato wedges. If I have time I might also make my healthy coconut balls so I can have them for snacks during the week."


Jewelry Business

Fortescue started a jewelry brand (Rosie Fortescue Jewellery). "I have always been a magpie for as long as I can remember and would always try on my mum's rings," she told Marie Claire. "It's weird, when I was on Made in Chelsea, I always used to get asked by magazines, 'What's your favorite body part?' They expected people to say, 'Oh I love my boobs' or 'I love my bum', and I always used to answer: 'I love my hands'. I notice and read a lot into people's hands, I find them super interesting and for me, jewelry has always been my love."


Successful and Proud

Fortescue has developed confidence in herself and is proud of her success. "I think the bravest thing I've ever done was probably believing in myself enough to start the brand in the first place and to put the money in that I had earned," she told Marie Claire. "It was all my own money and it was a risk to take with my savings. It wasn't borrowed from a business loan or anything – it literally came out of my pocket and I had worked hard for it, so in my head there has never been an option to fail. From the beginning, I was like 'I will make this work, I will put in the hours and I will bloody do everything I can do'."

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