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Saw X Star Synnøve Macody Lund Shares Swimsuit Photo of "What a Life" 

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Synnøve Macody Lund is celebrating her birthday in her bathing suit. In a recent social media post the Saw X star shows off her amazing body at 47 in a swimsuit. "Thank you for all the lovely birthday greetings🌸 I have mostly celebrated this myself. What a year, what a life, what a love," she captioned the Instagram post. How does the star manage to look half her age and what are her secrets to happiness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


She Walks on the Beach

Synnøve enjoys long walks on the beach. "Learning lines in the remains of summer. Danish beaches…I could get lost in you," she captioned a post. Going for a daily walk can be a game changer in terms of exercise, especially at a brisk speed. One study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that walking at a brisk pace for about 30 minutes a day led to a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, dementia and death, compared with walking a similar number of steps but at a slower pace.


She Drinks Red Wine

Synnøve drinks red wine. "Red wine, in moderation, has long been thought of as heart healthy," says the Mayo Clinic. "The alcohol and certain substances in red wine called antioxidants may help prevent coronary artery disease, the condition that leads to heart attacks."


She Swims

Synnøve swims. "It's on," she captioned this snap. Swimming is a good way to get regular aerobic physical activity, according to the CDC. Just two and a half hours per week of aerobic physical activity, such as swimming, bicycling, or running, can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses. In addition to the many physical benefits, there are multiple studies supporting the mental health benefits of swimming as well. 


She Smokes

Synnøve has a bad habit. "I have to smoke, me. I'm such a morning smoker," she confessed to Universitas in an interview. 


She Drinks Tea


Synnøve enjoys drinking "cold chamomile tea," she told Universitas. "But when it's Friday, I drink some gin. My friends call it a 'Macody' – cold chamomile tea with ice cubes and gin." Numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.


She Does Detoxes

Synnøve does detoxes. When she is on them she gives up coffee. According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are several benefits of drinking coffee in moderation. "It acts on your brain to improve memory, mood, reaction times, and mental function," they say, citing a study finding that caffeine can improve endurance and performance during exercise. It is also antioxidant-rich, can ward off diabetes, prevent neurologic disease, lower cancer risk, and ward off depression, they point out.

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