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Scream 6 Star Melissa Barrera Shares Swimsuit Photo From Cancun

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Melissa Barrera is keeping things hot south of the border in her bathing suit. In a social media post shared earlier this year, the Scream 6 star shows off her amazing body in a swimsuit during a Mexico vacation. "Sister trip 2023," she captioned the series of social media snaps taken at the Live Aqua Beach Resort in Cancun. "Hermosa," commented one of her followers. "U are amazing," added another. How does the star approach health and fitness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 




"I think that you look the way you feel. So if you feel like you're able to move because you've made it a point to be active all your life, to keep your body healthy and strong, then you're going to stay strong and healthy, and that's going to make you look, feel, and act younger automatically," Melissa told Byrdie about her motivation to exercise. 


Positive Mindset


"I think it's important to maintain a positive mindset. … Like the actress Rita Moreno—she is a goddess. She is way older than she looks," Melissa said. "Have you seen One Day at a Time? It's this fantastic sitcom on Netflix that she's on. She is just so youthful. She moves, and she dances, and she looks beautiful, but it's her energy—it's so much younger. She's maintained that. She hasn't let herself get jaded by the industry. She's just active and happy."


Lots of Different Workouts

Melissa mixes up her workouts. "I have always been a fitness person and loved exercise ever since I was little. I played basketball all my life since I was four years old. I danced most of my life, too. And I love being active and trying new things. Extreme things. I love to rock climb. I love to water ski. If someone has a random idea, I'm always the first to be like; I'll do that even if it's jumping out of a plane or hot air ballooning. I like to get out of my routine. Like today, my routine is going to the gym and taking a boxing class or cardio core class or a Bang Ball class, which is a really cool class that I've been taking," she told Byrdie. 


Bang Ball Classes


"I need to feel like there's a purpose to my workouts. I'm not the kind of person who can go to the gym and do a weights routine myself. I need to feel motivated by people around me, so I love taking classes and getting out of my comfort zone," Melissa added about exercise. "I love this one called Bang Ball: It sounds awful, but it's amazing. It's this class that this guy at my gym invented. It's basically with a weighted American football. Not a round ball. The one with that long shape—you can do so much with it, and it's comfortable to have in your hand. It doesn't fall. We do arms; we do abs. It's a class exclusive to the gym I go to in L.A.—it's called Built—but I think he's going to do a workout video and start selling it for people to do at home. It's cool. I really like it."


Cheat Meals


Melissa isn't afraid of fast food. "I will order McDonald's," she says. "Whenever I have a really, really hard day on set, I always just crave fast food," she told Women's Health . "You gotta indulge."



Melissa prioritizes rest. She loves spending a day in bed with dogs watching reality television. "That, to me, is resting and is gonna allow me to be able to get up the next day and work," she says. She also doesn't feel guilty sleeping in. "I don't get FOMO…I know what I need, and what I need is to rest and to sleep and I love sleeping. The only reason I leave my room sometimes is to walk my dogs."

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