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Senada Greca In Workout Gear Shares Upper Body/Abs Workout

Here are her fitness tips.

Senada Greca may be on vacation, but she is just as dedicated to her workout routine as when she's at home. Greca shared videos of herself doing an upper body and abdominal workout, wearing black exercise gear as she put herself through her paces in the bright sunshine of St. Barts. She also shared exactly which moves she was doing, breaking them down for each video.  reca's incredible, strong, toned physique is all the advertisement she needs for her training routine—here's what her exercise regimen and diet look like.


Her Fitness Philosophy

Greca's workouts are focused on strength training with weights and resistance bands. "I am a sincere believer that fitness and movement should be an inseparable part of someone's life. We were born to be active, born to be mobile," she told Glamour South Africa. "Thus, I encourage people to make movement fun and interesting, and in turn sustainable… I like to focus on legs 2-3 days per week, on upper body 2 days, and 1 full body workout per week. Sunday I work abs and throw in some fun active-rest work, like bicycling or a long walk."


Lots of Protein

Greca's diet is centered around protein intake. "I'm a flexible eater. My main focus is getting enough protein daily; carbs and fats fill the rest of my macros, which I intuitively track," she told Glamour South Africa. "I suggest that most people do track their macros, especially in the beginning of their fitness journey, so as to learn what the proper way of feeding ones' self looks like."


Strength Through Aging


Sustainable Changes


Greca encourages beginners to start with small, sustainable steps on their journey to fitness—and to keep a positive mindset. "I know where I have been mentally and physically when fitness wasn't a part of my life, so wanting to keep the monsters of anxiety and depression away keeps me motivated and accountable," she told Glamour South Africa. "I know for many, self-talk is an inhibitor, but for me it is the most persuasive and consistent accountability partner I could ever have. One just needs to change that self talk into being positive and encouraging."


Full Workout

Here is Greca's upper body abs workout in full, according to her post: "Upper / Abs Workout No Equipment, Anywhere so Save and Share 👯‍♀️. To train with The Senada Method, WeRise App Iink in my BIO 💪 Yes… I work out on vacation because to me, working out is not a chore, but rather a way to care for my body and mind. When we shift our perspective from "I have to" to "I get to", then working out becomes not only enjoyable but also sustainable 🫶."

8-12 reps x 4 sets

  1. Dynamic push up to bear to knee touches
  2. Superwoman to around the world with shoulder rotations
  3. Superwoman leg hold with swimmers
  4. Plank to side plank
  5. Cobra push up
  6. Pike push ups
  7. Hollow body with around the world arms
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