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Shay Mitchell in Dior Exercise Gear Hits the Ski Slopes In Saint Moritz

Here are her health and beauty tips.

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell had a beautiful—and very active—vacation in Saint Moritz in February. Mitchell, 36, shared pictures of her little getaway on social media, including snaps of herself posing in ski gear and a Dior snowsuit, complete with matching goggles. "An ice rollercoaster off the tracks. I'll leave it at one time 🤯," she captioned the post. Here's what Mitchell's diet, exercise, and wellness regimen looks like.


Strong, Not Skinny

Mitchell's workouts are focused on building strength over being skinny. "That's why I like cycling and yoga; I like to see the growth and improvement from class to class," she told The Cut. "I try to work out three to four times a week, if I can. Right now, I'm into boxing — anything in the moment. My mind races a million times in a second, so it's almost relaxing at the same time. I work out with a few trainers, some on this coast, some on the west coast. I like going to Wildcard in LA."


Protein Powder

Mitchell likes to start her day with a protein smoothie. "I'm not really a big breakfast fan, so I make a smoothie," she told The Cut. "I have a protein powder that I like called Naked — I really enjoy it; there's nothing else that's simple like it. I add PB2, a banana, and spinach for the smoothie and it tastes like a chocolate-banana milkshake." 


Skincare Routine


Mitchell is passionate about taking care of her skin. "Skin care is my number one thing," she told Allure. "To have good makeup, you need to have a good canvas to start with. I take off my makeup with micellar water to really get it all off. Under eye cream is crucial — there's nothing worse than having dryness underneath your eyes. When I do at-home beauty spa days, I fill up a big bowl of hot water, add essential oils like lavender, and steam my face. If I want to wake up a little bit in the morning, I'll use citrus oil. And if I have a shoot where I need even more of a wake-up, I'll put my whole face in a bowl of ice water. It's really good to depuff your skin."


Home Cooking and Less Sugar

Mitchell makes an effort to cook at home as much as possible. "I've been more educated about food," she told The Cut. "My diet when I was younger was a little different. For me, I've modified it to not eating as much sugar and eat more of a plant-based diet — not completely, but trying to change it. I also do more home cooking. I didn't used to cook before, but I always feel so much better when I cook during the week than when I eat out."


Coconut For Everything

Mitchell swears by the health and beauty benefits of coconut. "My mom's side of the family is from the Philippines, and we use coconut oil for everything," she told Allure. "I use it to cook, to moisturize, for my cuticles, for my hair — I'll brush it in after I shower, put on a cap, and sit in a sauna or sleep with it."

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