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Shereé Whitfield in Workout Gear Does Squats and Says "Stay Thick"

Here are her fitness and lifestyle tips.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Shereé Whitfield has long been one of the fittest Housewives in the Bravo universe, and this grandma is showing no signs of slowing down. Whitfield, 54, shared a video of herself working out at the gym in black leggings and a gray tank top, using strength training equipment to maintain her impressive muscle. "Face on pretty, 🍑 stay thick 💪🏽," she captioned the post. Whitfield has been on TV for over 14 years—Here's what her diet and workouts look like.


Morning Workouts

Whitfield starts the day with an intense workout, which she rightfully treats as self-care time. "At least three days a week I do a kettlebell class," she told Curly Nikki. "I may spin three times a week. I may add in a kickboxing class and then I try to walk the park at least two or three times a week. That's my me-time. A lot of people don't take that time but we all need it. That's my time for me, every morning, at the gym. It's not just about being healthy, it makes me feel good and jump starts my day."


Protein-Packed Diet, Low on Carbs


Whitfield enjoys a healthy, protein-focused diet with minimal carbs. "At breakfast I'll have egg whites, veggies in it, either chicken or turkey sausage and some fruit," she told Curly Nikki. "At lunch, I'll have some fish, veggies or a salad. I'll have a frozen shake in between and I do like snacks… so I snack a bit between meals. And finally, at dinner, I'll have chicken and veggies. I try to stay away from a lot of carbs like white bread and potatoes and things like that. I love sweets like maybe a cookie or a small piece of cake… that's how I get my carbs in, my bad carbs."


She By Shereé

Whitfield is disappointed about the criticism leveled at her lifestyle brand She By Shereé. "It was a roller coaster, for sure," she told In the Know. "Even with all the naysayers, you had people who were happy and people who were hating. It's a lot! It's very draining, and it's very disappointing. I'm not the only one who ever had a dream. I'm not the only one who ever took a while to make something come to fruition. I was just reading that Thomas Edison tried to create these lights, and it took him 3,000 times before he actually got it right. They act like I'm the only one who's ever had a dream and wanted to create something that took a while. Life happens!"


Hopeless Romantic

Whitfield truly believes someone special is waiting for her. "Oh, I'm never gonna give up on love. I am a hopeless romantic, I'm never gonna give up on love," she told Glamour. "I feel like there is someone out there so special, so amazing for me. I do want to get married again. People are like, "Oh, you want to get married again?" Absolutely. I love the institution of marriage. I love being in a committed relationship. So I'm not giving up on love."


Proud Grandma

Whitfield is thriving as a grandmother. "You always hear people say, 'It is so much more different than raising your own kids and having your own kids.' I agree with that," she told Glamour. "I think about that little baby all day. She's growing so fast. When I'm in a moment or if I want to be cheered up, I literally go look at one of her videos of her trying to walk or eating. She's so funny. You know, when she first came out she had the best little personality. She's nosy. I can't call her nosy—she's inquisitive. She's interested in knowing everything around her. Since she was little she would follow conversations. I raised my three kids, but I was young. So seeing this when I'm older and being able to appreciate all the little things is amazing."

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