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Sherri Shepherd in Workout Gear Says "The Harder I Work, the More Confident I Become"

She’s not on Ozempic!

Sherri Shepherd is 57 and easily in the best shape of her life. Shepherd is still killing it with her health and fitness routine, as recent social media updates prove. The actress shared a video of herself wearing black shorts and a sports bra, showing off her strong, toned physique to perfection. "The harder I work, the more confident I become… when it comes easy, it just doesn't feel real," she captioned the post. "🔥feel your work! ❤️" commented Jennie Garth. When someone asked if she was on Ozempic, Shepherd said, "I am diabetic!  I should be on it but there isn't any Mounjaro available at this time for me😢." Here's what her health and fitness routine looks like.


Diabetes Diet

Shepherd completely overhauled her diet after being prediabetic and then actually getting diabetes in 2007. "I had to re-learn the way I look at food, and I had to learn to look at labels," she told The Healthy. "I had to learn, Oh wow, this has a lot of carbs, which converts into sugar, and pasta is not the best thing for me. Maple syrup, drenching my pancakes isn't the best thing for me. I had to learn about substitutions—I was a big sweet eater, and cookies. I had to learn things like, Wow, if you do celery with some almond butter, you can fulfill a little bit of your sweet tooth instead of going to eat Hershey's Kisses. I learned how more protein in my diet is better."


Crazy For Brussels Sprouts


Shepherd's favorite meal is Brussels sprouts. "I love Brussels sprouts," she told Parade. "I will either bake them and have roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic or I will put them in my little wok and sear them with garlic. If you would have told me that I would go ecstatic over Brussels sprouts, I would have laughed in your face a few years ago. I talk about Brussels sprouts the way I talk about cheesecake."


Weight Lifting Workouts

Shepherd has developed a genuine appreciation for strength training. "I'm really into heavy weightlifting because I have found out as I get more seasoned—I don't say 'older,' more seasoned—weightlifting is just better for my body," she told The Healthy. "It gives me more energy. I used to always say, 'Oh, I hate going to the gym.' Now, my clock rings at 4:45 a.m. and I don't hit the snooze button. I pop up and I go, 'I get to go to the gym. This is the one way I can show me some love and attention.' Because if you keep saying you're tired, you're going to be tired."


Inspired by Oprah

Shepherd was inspired by Oprah Winfrey to help others on their health and fitness path. "We underestimate how much our platform can inspire people or encourage people," she told The Healthy. "And so the way Oprah used her platform is the way I like to use mine as well, to let people know life is not over. If you get diabetes, as a matter of fact, it can open up another world for you of eating better, and living a healthier lifestyle. You don't have to be scared."


Sasha Fierce

Shepherd is inspired by icons such as Beyonce and Laila Ali. "What I keep envisioning in my mind is Sasha Fierce, Beyonce," she told Parade. "I want a butt like Beyonce/Laila Ali because she's got a boxer's booty. So I have those two women in my head as I squat, and tears come out of my eyes.  I've been lifting weights because I've lost weight, and I want to tone."

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