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SI Swim Model Lais Ribeiro Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "Hola"

Here’s how she stays fit.

In the world of SI Swim, model Lais Ribeiro is making waves not just with her stunning swimsuit photos but also with her invigorating fitness routine. Here, we delve into her secrets for maintaining her incredible physique. From the sauna sessions that prep her for makeup to post-show steams that unwind her, Lais takes self-care seriously. Even while traveling, she remains dedicated, using FaceTime to exercise with her trainer. Her motivation? Her son's unwavering support. Discover how she strikes a balance between glamour and well-being, all while unwinding to the beats of Brazilian music in the heart of New York City.


She Enjoys the Sauna


"I'm going to do a little sauna before I'm going to get ready because this is what I like to do before my makeup and just relax my body. It's good for everything," she told Coveteur. "I do it every day because my fiance, he's an athlete and he told me that it's good for the skin, it's good for stress, it's good for sleep, and it's like many benefits that you can take out of it. He does the ice. I do the hot tub because I'm Brazilian and I'm always cold."


She Does a Steam Post-Show

After a show, "I have a steam and when I go, I take all my makeup off and I like to do this steam before I go to bed because it just relaxes my body and I put some lotion, cream moisturizer, lip balm. It's very simple, very easy to do and fast—and drink a lot of water. Very important," she told Coveteur.


She FaceTimes With Her Trainer When Travelling

"We do prepare ourselves all year long because it's not easy to shoot lingerie every week, every day," she told Hollywood Insider, "and just before the show, two months before the show, I try to go [work out] every single day. If I'm traveling, I do FaceTiming with my trainer" and do exercises like hop rolls and boxing moves.


She is Motivated By Her Son

"I have a son, so he pretty much motivates me when I don't have energy or when I don't look good. Even sometimes the glam team come to my place and then we are doing hair and makeup, and then he's just like, 'Oh my, mom, you look beautiful.' I'm like, oh my God. He motivate me pretty much," she told Hollywood Insider.


She Unwinds

"As when you guys came in, I was listening to Brazilian music, which is my favorite of all of course, and I think to pump it up some hip hop because New York's New York. Since I moved here. My Brazilian gang and I, we always go to this spot that's calledFat Cat. That's where I learned how to play pool," she told Coveteur.

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