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Skier Annika Malacinski in Workout Gear Shares Pictures From Bali

She’s a vegan.

Finnish-American Nordic skier Annika Malacinski is sharing some incredible highlights from a recent trip to beautiful Bali, Indonesia. Malacinski, 23, posted a picture of herself wearing pink shorts and a white cropped tank top, gazing out over the ocean. Another shot shows her posing with a friend while wearing a wetsuit. "Posting to make sure it wasn't all just a dream 🪸 #Bali," she captioned the post. Here's how the athlete stays strong, happy, and focused.


Strength Training and Plyometrics

Malacinski does strength training as part of her fitness routine. "My fitness regime is comprehensive and designed to develop the diverse skills needed for Nordic Combined, which includes both ski jumping and cross-country skiing," she told Women Fitness. "I focus on compound movements like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses to build overall strength, particularly in the legs and core, which are essential for both jumping and skiing. [Plyometric] exercises such as box jumps, jump squats, and plyometric push-ups help improve explosive power and agility, crucial for ski jumping."


She Meditates

Malacinski says working on her mental health has been a game-changer. "Now that I am really working on that mental side and doing some hypnosis and meditation and really pinpointing and focusing on that mental side of things, I am able to be up there, be calm and trust myself and be extremely happy and excited to jump," she told Steamboat Pilot & Today. "I think that has been the biggest game-changer for me, shifting that viewpoint and focus especially when I am up there and about to make my jump."


Yoga and Stretching

Annika Malacinski/Instagram

Malacinski does yoga and stretching for flexibility. "Regular yoga sessions help improve flexibility, balance, and mental focus, all of which are important for both ski jumping and skiing," she told Women Fitness. "Pre-workout dynamic stretches prepare my muscles for intense activity and help prevent injuries."


Journaling and Hypnosis


Malacinski journals to stay focused. "I really wanted to take a different approach going into this season because last season was extremely hard for me, especially on the mental side," she told Steamboat Pilot & Today. "There have been a lot of things I have been incorporating with hypnosis as well as journaling. Something I incorporate into my journals is writing down exactly what I want to manifest for myself and what I am asking for from the universe."


Pilates Sessions

Annika Malacinski/Instagram

Malacinski loves Pilates for her strong abs. "Training my abs is a crucial part of my fitness regime, as a strong core is essential for both ski jumping and cross-country skiing," she told Women Fitness. "One of the secrets to my toned body is incorporating Pilates into my workout routine. Pilates is fantastic for building core strength, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall body awareness."

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