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Soccer Star Alex Morgan Shares Swimsuit Video From San Diego

She’s a vegan athlete.

Soccer star Alex Morgan had a fun staycation in San Diego over the summer, a place she genuinely loves. Morgan, 34, shared a reel of herself having good times with her friends and family, including a video of herself hanging out at the beach in a black bikini. "A love letter to San Diego đź’Ś see you soon," she captioned the post. Here's what Morgan's diet, wellness, and training routine looks like.


Plant-Based Diet


Morgan enjoys a healthy, plant-based diet. "Breakfast is oatmeal with banana, blueberries, cinnamon, and a little bit of maple syrup to sweeten it," she says. "Lunch is a big salad with pecans, walnuts, beets, or I'll have tofu with rice and veggies. That's a typical lunch. I love Mexican food so [dinner] will either be a burrito bowl or tacos, with black beans and rice. I love Fajita veggies, with salsa, and avocado. Charlie loves all these things so it's easy to make for the whole family. She isn't strictly vegan, because I eat this way, I would say she is naturally eating a lot of things that I eat."


Vegan Athlete

Morgan has followed a vegan lifestyle since 2017. "I did it for ethical reasons because of factory farming we do in the US," she says. "I felt disgusted with myself since I didn't feel good eating this meat that was part of that. I didn't want to support that. It's so unnatural, the way animals live and die. And as I started to go more plant-based, first giving up meat and then giving up dairy, I realized the health benefits. I would get reports from my doctor, and my cholesterol dropped in half, which is crazy. All of my blood work which I do every few months was better. And my recovery was much better, I wasn't fatiguing as much. So it benefited me all around. I was fearful it would affect soccer in a detrimental way but it was the opposite. It made me feel better."


Fit Mom

Morgan believes motherhood has made her stronger than ever. "I feel fitter now as a mom than I ever did before," she says. "I am in the gym and doing as much training as before, but there is something about being a mom or going through pregnancy, and being a mom there is like an energy reserve, I definitely feel fitter now. I feel like my body changed and I am embracing it. I am fitter than I've ever been."


Daily Wellness

Morgan is diligent about self-care and wellness. "For my daily wellness routine, I always make sure to take my vitamins, get some form of recovery in chronotherapy or infrared sauna, and sleep for 8 to 9½ hours, which is a lot more than a normal person, but I feel like that amount allows me to reach my full potential the next day," she says. "It's important for me to have some 'me time,' so I try to make sure every couple of days that I do something just for me, like getting a manicure or pedicure. I also make sure that nutrition is a part of my daily routine. A morning protein smoothie sets the right tone for the rest of the day by providing me with the sustained energy I need to conquer whatever comes my way."


Skincare and SPF

Morgan is careful to protect her skin from the sun. "I think all my toiletries are a big thing," she says. "I always make sure to bring enough lotion for my face and body, because we go to a lot of dry places, like Salt Lake City, St. Louis, and Arizona. Combine that with being in the sun all the time, and keeping my skin hydrated is essential. It's important to find the right moisturizer, serums, and, of course, sunscreen to moisturize and protect my skin."

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