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Sofia Richie Grainge in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Morning From Us"

How Sofia Richie stays fit with this 15-minute workout. 

Squeezing in a full-body workout isn't as challenging these days since a 15-minute gym session can be just as effective as doing an hour of exercising depending on the intensity, and Sofia Richie is crushing the total-body quick workouts. On TikTok, the daughter of singer Lionel Richie showed off five moves that keep her tone that doesn't take up too much of her busy schedule. And just this week, she shared a photo of her growing tummy, as she's expecting a girl. "Morning from us" she captioned it. Read on for more details on her speedy session and what fitness experts think. 


She Starts Her Morning Off With the Workout

Sofia Richie Grainge/Instagram

At the beginning of the clip, Richie explains she's at home with her certified fitness and pilates trainer Elizabeth Vidor and only has 15 minutes for a workout. "I wanted to start my day off on a positive note, so let's do a quick little workout," Richie said at the start of the video that's been viewed 9.6 million times. 

What the Expert Says: M.A. Sports Performance and USAW National Coach Jarrod Nobbe says, "The best benefit of working out in the morning is to get things moving! I love a morning workout or mindful movement session filled with mobility to wake the body and mind up. He adds, "Hitting those early morning-released endorphins can increase your mood, focus, and energy throughout the day. Also, I love starting the day by checking the box on the to-do list; positive momentum toward daily progress!"


Jump Rope

Sofia Richie Grainge/TikTok

The newlywed started off her workout with jump roping. She did three sets for 15 seconds each. 

What the Expert Says: According to Nobbe, "Using jump rope sequences before training is an excellent method to raise the body's internal temperature and get the blood flowing. Use this in your warm-up before mobility and activation. Plan on implementing plyometrics in your session? Jumping rope is a great low-intensity plyometrics prep movement to prepare the ankles and lower body to be elastic and transfer energy for power! 


Medicine Ball Front Slams

Sofia Richie Grainge/TikTok

Next up Richie does weighted medicine ball slams, where she picks it up off the floor in a squat and holds it above her head before throwing it down again. It's unclear how many reps she did. 

What the Expert Says: Nobbe warns, "DISCLAIMER: Only perform this movement with sand-filled med balls! Med ball front slams are a great full-body power movement. When done correctly, you'll engage your arms, core, and leg with each slam, driving the med ball through the floor. Keep the reps low to develop ballistic, full-body power improvements" He continues, "You can use slams in your cardio sessions as well. Extending tall at the top and flexing strong to slam the ball requires many body muscles, creating an incredible opportunity for aerobic work capacity."


Chest Press + Glute Bridge

Sofia Richie Grainge/TikTok

After the weighted medicine ball slams, the 24-year-old does chest presses with her hips up in a bridge position as she squeezes a pilates ring between her knees. 

What the Expert Says: "This movement sneaks in the lower body, posterior strength (an isometric contraction of the glutes and hamstrings) paired with the upper body pressing strength of the chest press." Nobbe explains. "I love using this movement to develop your body's stability and strength in this all-in-one exercise. You can get creative with dumbbells, kettlebells, or even bands to vary your training week-to-week. Press the implement alternatingly in a bilateral movement, or perform one side at a time to challenge your unilateral strength and core stability."


Supine Oblique Bends

Sofia Richie Grainge/TikTok

For the next round, Richie quickly goes into an ab exercise called supine oblique bends where she holds a weight and alternates touching each heel to work her sides.

What the Expert Says:  "Finding enough variety to train the lateral aspects of the core can be challenging," Nobbe tells us. "Look no further if you're looking for something other than your side plank variations. Oblique side bends are a go-to option, whether standing or in a supine position shown in this video. Keep the neck and head relaxed, exhale as you bend and contract the obliques, and inhale as you return. Implementing focused breathing can fire up the core muscles."


Mountain Climbers

Sofia Richie Grainge/TikTok

Richie finishes off her brief workout with mountain climbers. "A quick and effective 15-minute workout" she captioned the TikTok.

What the Expert Says: Nobbe states, "Mountain climbers might be one of the best core exercises performed dynamically to build core strength, stability, and endurance. We want to ensure we conquer the primary plank position, bracing the core tight as we drive each knee alternating to the same-side elbow. Add them to your core routine, or implement them during a HIIT-style workout or circuit day. If used as a finisher, I would challenge you to move quickly but stay braced and tight to maintain the efficacy of the movement."

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