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Sports Illustrated Rookie Xandra Pohl In Workout Gear Is "Finally Healing"

“I love sunsets…”

Influencer Xandra Pohl is enjoying the beautiful scenery and skies of the Hamptons. Pohl, 23, shared a video of herself wearing white pants and a black hoodie, soaking up a spectacular sunset with her friends. "I feel like I'm finally healing 🤍 I love sunsets," she captioned the post. "Beach sunsets are the best. Hands down. Nothing better," a fan commented. Pohl has been named one of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's 2024 rookies of the year—here's how the DJ and model is living her best life.


Sports Illustrated Legacy

Pohl is thrilled to named one of SI's 2024 rookies. "The legacy that Sports Illustrated [Swimsuit] has made, obviously in the first 60 years, has been monumental in not just the industry and the world, but also to all the young girls looking up to all the models of all shapes, sizes, races, whatever it is," she told the magazine. "We are all beautiful [and deserve to be] confident in our own bodies. I feel like that is the best legacy you could ever leave."


She's a DJ

Pohl is proud of her achievements in the male-dominated DJ world. "Some common misconceptions I think people have about me is that because of the way I look or the way that I act means that I have an inability to do something," she told Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. "Especially with DJing, being a female in this industry, it has been a lot to kind of break into it. And coming out of this, I just want people to know [that] I love who I am. I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing, and I'm confident about it, and I'm passionate about it."


Social Media Support


Pohl loves the supportive community on social media. "Honestly, it's such a community where I feel like I can go up to any of them and ask them questions or they can come up to me," she told E! News. "It's a very open space and I feel like we're all just leaning on each other. I've learned so much over these past couple months and everyone has been so nice and so welcoming, I could not be more grateful for that."


Rush Advice

Pohl loved her time in a sorority at the University of Miami. "Be really open, and force yourself to get out there," she told Elite Daily. "You're making a decision about a place where you can feel safe, comfortable, and like you're going to thrive. I chose a little out of my comfort zone, but I ended up making the most amazing friends who will be there for me for the rest of my life."


Professional Success

Pohl loves being an influencer and the lifestyle that comes along with it. "I'm so grateful that brands are looking at me and think that I'm a good addition to those trips in the first place," she told E! News. "When people contact me and they're like, 'Wanna come?' I'm like, 'You like me?!' It's crazy for me. I just think it's an amazing experience where most of the time it's influencers or creators, we all have the same passion for makeup, skincare, clothes, whatever it might be and we all get to come together and support an amazing brand. And not even just that but get to know the team."

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