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Station 19 Star Jaina Lee Ortiz Shares "Perfect" Swimsuit Photo

She gets up at 3am to work out.

Station 19 star Jaina Lee Ortiz took a break from her intense schedule to share some pictures with fans and followers. Ortiz, 36, posted a snap of herself posing next to a pool in a black bikini and straw hat, against a beautiful background of blue skies. "Perfect capture at the perfect moment in the perfect place with the perfect person, the photo is wonderful congratulations also to the photographer😍😘," commented an admiring fan. Here are Ortiz's secrets to a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy Lifestyle


Ortiz lives a lowkey lifestyle, which works with her busy schedule. "TV drama schedules are very hectic, and I find that my mom, husband, and dad truly keep me grounded," she says. "Checking in with them daily helps me remember that I'm living my dream and I am having the time of my life. I honestly have no vice; I don't drink, I don't smoke, I work out almost every day, and with the early call times I sometimes have to be in the gym at three in the morning. So, essentially, I have no life! But at the end of the day, I have a really close group of friends that I absolutely love, and they genuinely support me."


Glowy Skin


Ortiz likes a more dewy, natural look to her skin. "I like more of a glow-y, dew-y, satin-y skin finish," she says. "On camera they tend to matte me down a little more because the shine can be too harsh for the cameras. Since the show [took] place in Miami, I can still get away with some dewy-ness. It wouldn't make sense for me to be too matted down."


Makeup Artist


Ortiz used to be a makeup artist for MAC. "I think the most valuable thing I learned working at MAC was that a lot of women came expecting that they needed a ton of makeup to achieve a certain look," she says. "And a little actually goes a long way. The less product I used on them, the bigger impact it had. I did my own smokey eye for the pilot. And I [did] apply my own fake eyelashes."


Self-Care During Lockdowns

Ortiz took advantage of the pandemic lockdowns to slow down and focus on herself. "I've learned the value of loving myself, self-care," she says. "This experience has given me a chance to reflect, to recognize my feelings without judgment and to find comfort in a place of change. Change can be scary so if you change your perspective, it can be surprisingly fulfilling. [I pass the time] working out, cooking, laundry, FaceTime with family and friends, reading, learning a new accent, repeat. "


Beauty Secrets

Ortiz swears by sunscreen and sleep for her beautiful complexion. "In the morning I use a gentle face wash and I always use rose witch hazel as a toner," she says. "I never leave the house without [sunscreen]. My number one beauty secret is sleep. You need your rest! Sleep and sunscreen – s + s. At night, if you put a drop or two of lavender for a spa-like treatment. Since I have no time to go to a real one! Makeup is just an additional cherry on top."

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