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Surf Pro Carissa Moore in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Sneak Peek"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Professional surfer Carissa Moore announced her retirement from competitive surfing back in January—but she still has the 2024 Paris Olympics to get through. Moore, 31, posted a picture of herself wearing shorts and a sports bra, in the colors of the United States flag. "Red, white, blue and stars ⭐️ Little sneak peek of what's coming this summer @hurley 🥰🤭 Big thanks to the swim team for making my dream come true," she captioned the post. Here's how Moore prepares for the ultimate competition.


Hours of Surfing

Moore's training consists of hours on the waves. "It's important to find the best waves to train in," she told Red Bull. "My schedule always flows from trying to find good surf. If the waves aren't good, I'll probably go for an hour, but if it's good, I'll surf more like three to four hours. I usually spend 40 minutes every morning warming up, especially when I'm on the road, doing moves that activate me and make me feel good. I use a band to activate my glutes, and I do dead bugs for my core. I also do a couple sun salutations to get the blood flowing."


Beautiful Life

Moore has been surfing since she was 11 years old, and deeply loves being outdoors in nature. "Getting outside, moving and feeling the sunshine is something I incorporate into my everyday routine because it brings me so much joy," she told Modern Luxury Hawaii. "Having an abundance of joy is the key to living a healthy, happy life… The idea of surrendering to the ocean and being open and adaptable to whatever comes my way has translated to my outlook on life. It has helped me to lean into my intuition, practice my faith, stress less and have more fun."


Pilates and Running


Moore works out with a trainer three times a week, focusing on circuit training. "I don't actually use too many weights; it's mostly body weight. I train to make sure I can get in the water and do what I love every day,' she told Red Bull. "I love burpees, skaters and mountain climbers. I do intervals, like 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. My regimen is always changing, because I get bored if it's the same workout. Each week I go to Pilates once and I usually go for a run twice."


Healthy Hawaiian Diet

Moore genuinely enjoys healthy food. "I like the way that healthy food makes me feel. But I do like a nice muffin or some chocolate. It's about moderation," she told Red Bull. "My nutritionist has helped me find things that are light and also taste good. Growing up in Hawaii, food is such a beautiful social thing. It's a big part of our culture to enjoy what you're eating. It's also a big part of traveling and experiencing a new place. On comp days, bananas, trail mix and GoMacro MacroBars—the banana and almond butter flavor is my favorite—are my go-to meals."


Rest and Relaxation

Moore spends time at the beach even in her down time. "Getting quality sleep and making time to slow down and recharge is so essential to our overall well-being," she told Modern Luxury Hawaii. "After I take a nap, if the waves are good, it's back to the beach or wait for a sunset walk with my hubby and the pups."

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