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Sweet Tooth Star Dania Ramirez Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "Hola"

She’s got that Scorpio energy.

Sweet Tooth star Dania Ramirez loves any chance to get back to her roots in the Dominican Republic, especially during the holidays. Ramirez, who plays Aimee Eden on the show, shared a picture of herself relaxing in the sunshine, wearing a white bikini and straw hat. "Goddess," an admiring fan commented. Ramirez works hard and plays hard—here's how she does it, and how the star feels about being a Scorpio.


Biking Workouts


Ramirez was in the best shape of her life while filming the 2012 movie Premium Rush. "It was hard to film the movie, period," she says. "To be on bikes, remembering lines while riding all over New York City in the middle of traffic. You can't tell a New Yorker, 'Oh you can't cross right now because we're shooting a movie.' They don't care! I always felt like I was on the verge of crashing. I fell so many times; I can't even begin to tell you. It was intense. But I was in the best shape I've ever been in my life. [Biking] works you out everywhere. It's a whole-body workout. My abs were, like, out of control and my arms were super-diesel."


Scorpio Passion


Ramirez is most attracted to confidence and honesty. "Knowing how to be laid-back," she says. "And enjoying the moment. I have a tattoo on my arm that says, 'Live, Love, Life,' and that's how I live life. If you can somehow figure out a way to do that, you can get with me… I'm a Scorpio, I'm a primal kind of beast at heart. I like passion. Anybody who's passionate about what you do, passionate about what you eat, passionate about working out. I feel like passionate people are gonna be passionate all across the board. That's all I'm gonna say about that."


Postpartum Diet

Ramirez had to get right back to filming Devious Maids after giving birth, so she worked hard to feel like herself again, quickly. "I stuck with mostly fruits and vegetables right after I gave birth," she says. "I wanted to get accustomed to eating really healthfully and to having smaller portions throughout the day. Also, I like to feel healthy. I know that when I'm looking better and I'm eating right, I also feel better.You get so much out of the extra effort that you put into looking your best. The key to being confident is taking care of yourself and feeling like you're the best you can be."


Beauty Routine


Ramirez keeps her beauty routine simple. "I have less time, but certain things remain the same," she says. "For instance, I still always take my makeup off, no matter how tired I am," she says. "The babies are teething and waking up at night, so I use my MAC wipes as a shortcut. In the mornings I try to find time to use my Clarisonic brush. Being able to really clean my pores has changed my skin completely. I used to take the time to contour my skin perfectly, but now I just even it out quickly with foundation and then add a little bronzer on my cheeks."


She's a Free Spirit

Ramirez has always been a free spirit. "I'm pretty open, I say anything," she says. "It gets me in trouble sometimes. I was that 13-year-old kid coming home with my 17-year-old boyfriend because I can't hide! I try to dive into something completely new. That's a lot like my personality. I'm fearless in that way. I can take a trip by myself to Guatemala with a pair of jeans and a few T-shirts and be completely in my element and be cool. Live Love Life!"

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