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Swimmer Andreea Dragoi Shares Swimsuit Photo From Fresno State University

Here are her top lifestyle tips.

Andreea Dragoi is making a splash at Fresno State University – in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the San Jose State University swimmer shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while posing by the pool with teammate Mya Azzopardi. "most beautiful humans!!! i love," commented a follower. "Pretty and fast!!" added another. How does the college athlete maintain her amazing body? Celbewell rounded up her top lifestyle tips. 



Andreea spends a lot of time swimming laps, a great workout according to the CDC. Just two and a half hours per week of aerobic physical activity, such as swimming, bicycling, or running, can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses. In addition to the many physical benefits, there are multiple studies supporting the mental health benefits of swimming as well. 



Andreea also gets workouts in at the gym. "Messed around and got addicted," she captioned this post of herself during a sweat session. How often should you workout? Each week adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle-strengthening activity, according to the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.


Do Yoga

Andreea likes to take a yoga class when she has time. "Let me turn your world upside down," she captioned a post, showing off her moves. Harvard Health endorses yoga as a great workout. "Researchers found that people who practiced yoga for at least 30 minutes once a week for at least four years, gained less weight during middle adulthood," they said. "People who were overweight actually lost weight. Overall, those who practiced yoga had lower body mass indexes (BMIs) compared with those who did not practice yoga. Researchers attributed this to mindfulness. Mindful eating can lead to a more positive relationship with food and eating."



"It's very important to believe in yourself," Dragoi told San Jose State Spartans when asked what advice she would give a younger person. "Never give up on the challenges you face in life because all dreams can come true. I competed in two competitions, I qualified for the European Junior Championships and the World Championships and I did really well on my IB exams. It's all possible."


Wake Up Early

Andreea gets her day started on the early side. She told San Jose State Spartans that her alarm goes off at 4 am every day so she can start training. 

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