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Tallia Storm Shares Swimsuit Photo as "Chill Sis"

She walks 25k steps a day.

Tallia Storm is feeling hot hot hot in Marbella, Spain, soaking up the sun during the current heatwave. The Scottish singer-songwriter, 24, shared some sultry snaps from her vacation, including ones of her posing by a private pool in a comic-print bikini. "Chill sis 💦," she captioned the post. "So beautiful and so talented," a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Storm stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


25k Steps a Day

Tallia Storm/Instagram

Storm has a tendency to lose or gain weight when she's stressed, but she's making an effort to focus on healthy habits. "For the last few years I've started looking after myself properly, being kinder to myself, drinking more water and by walking 25,000 steps a day I lost two stone [28 pounds]," she says. "I'm now in the best shape of my life, which I'm super proud of, and there's nothing I'd change about my body. I put on weight so easily, so I just want to stay exactly as I am."


No Carbs and Sugar

Tallia Storm/Instagram

Storm cut back on carbs and sugar and says it made her feel great. "I've been in the gym a lot recently!" she says. "I'm just about to announce my first headline show so I've been getting fit for that and cutting out the carbs! I tried JLO's 10-day sugar free diet and it was mega. I've been performing here in Dubai, testing all my new material and it went really well so I'm super pleased."


Hard Work

Tallia Storm/Instagram

Storm is not someone who is effortlessly fit—like most people, she works out and is mindful of her diet in order to feel her best self. "I'm not naturally skinny," she says. "I hang out with all my London friends and they all eat their burgers and I'm here eating a salad. I have to work for it."


Positive Role Model

Tallia Storm/Instagram

Storm wants younger fans to be inspired by her. "I want to be a role model for girls, I want them to come across my page and see positivity, creativity and show that I'm not afraid of my big hair, being super girly, and then be really moody and wear all black," she says. "I think I am truer to myself now, I think if you can do that, you don't mind too much what gets thrown your way because you then think 'this was exactly my plan'. It's weird because I feel like I've dreamt of these moments for so long, and just having everything together, you know?"


Right Mindset


Tallia Storm/Instagram

Storm says she wouldn't be where she is without the right attitude and mindset. "Take a chance, take a risk, especially when you are young," she says. "I would not be here if I didn't knock on every single door. I'm so lucky to have my mum and dad. They are very hard-working; my mum was in branding and marketing. I'm not going to take that away from it, I'm very fortunate to have had parents in the creative industry. But I think she is the one that taught me to knock on every single door, and who cares about rejection. It's not even rejection, because everything is a lesson in life. Also, I feel like you get away with it when you're young, like just asking people."

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