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Taylor Hill Shares Swimsuit Photo "Till Next Time"

See how she stay healthy and fit.

Taylor Hill is one of the most successful models working right now. She recently enjoyed a vacation, and shared some highlights on Instagram. In a couple of the photos, she is seen having a day at the pool. Hill wore a black swimsuit, her figure on display. She captioned the post, "Till next time." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Taylor Hill stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Accepts Herself

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Hill talked about her journey to self-acceptance in an interview with Byrdie. She says that she learned to accept herself, instead of wanting what she can't have. "I always envied curvy women because I wasn't that. The grass is always greener, and you'll always have to deal with that. But being a model has helped me embrace my body type. It's hard on some girls, but it actually helped me a lot."


She Isolates Her Muscles

Hill talked about what workouts her trainer has her do in her Byrdie interview. She says that she does a lot of muscle isolation. "We do a lot of slow, muscle-targeting movements with gliding discs and two-pound weights. Almost kind of floor Pilates in a way because we get on the floor, and she puts resistance bands around my ankles and things like that. It's so hard—it doesn't sound hard, and it doesn't look hard, but I could back squat, like, 85 pounds, and I quiver when I do this. I'm like, 'Oh my God, I can't stand up anymore because I'm so sore!' It's amazing."


She Uses A Cleanser


In her Byrdie interview, Hill shared some of her skincare secrets. She says that her go-to cleanser is from CeraVe, and explains her process of using it. "I use it in the shower because my dermatologist told me it's good to wash your face in there—the steam opens up your pores, and it really gets in your skin. When I get out, I splash my face with hot water and then again with cold water."


She Doesn't Stress About Working Out


Hill talked about her approach to fitness in an interview with InStyle. She says that her busy lifestyle can make it difficult to have a regular workout routine. However, Hill says that she doesn't stress about it. "Sometimes I can't work out all the time, because I travel like a crazy person. So sometimes it doesn't work out, and that's OK with me. I just love the idea of it being a part of my life."


She Enjoys Working Out

One of Hill's fitness secrets? Enjoying it. She tells InStyle, "I like to think of working out and all that stuff as more of a lifestyle. You can make it fun, and find what you love, and do what you like. It's just about being confident with how you are. I work out more for myself than to be thin."

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