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Teddi Mellencamp Shows Off Strong Body as "My Word for 2024 Is Going to Be Strength"

"I have decided my word for 2024 is going to be STRENGTH."

]Teddi Mellencamp is best known for appearing on three seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In 2022, she appeared on the third season of Celebrity Big Brother. Mellencamp is a podcaster, and she hosts podcasts with fellow housewives Tamra Judge and Emily Simpson. Lastly, Mellencamp is a wellness expert. In a recent Instagram post, she talked about her approach to wellness in 2024. She captioned the post, "Every year I like to choose my word for the year. From the start of 2024, people have asked what my word is and I have consistently joked that my word would be 'cope.' That was my mindset after all of the highs and lows from my almost two years of dealing with melanoma. Every time I started to feel like 'me' again, BAM, another reared its ugly head, another surgery on the books, another round of fear of not being enough for anyone— all overshadowed how I wanted to truly feel about myself. I had convinced myself that this state of constant crushing anxiety was the new me and I just had to learn to 'cope.' But the truth is, EFF THAT. I have decided my word for 2024 is going to be STRENGTH. It's been 6 weeks since my last surgery and I am cleared to do whatever it is I want. And I want to be strong." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Teddi Mellencamp stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Doesn't Count Calories


After having her third child in 2020, Mellencamp opened up about losing the baby weight to Hollywood Life. She says that she doesn't look at the calories when she's choosing what to eat. "I don't count calories. I've never done that. It's all about eating foods that nourish my body. I try to eat as clean as possible, and [I'm] really focusing on that. It can lead to more obsessive tendencies when you're counting calories. For me, it's what is really going to make me feel my best and what are the foods that are going to aid in that."


She Believes In Balance

When it comes to her diet, Mellencamp is all about balance. She tells that she feels like this is easier for people to maintain. "I want to make sustainable choices," she explained. "I think what I didn't understand before was that I thought in order to enjoy myself, I had to have a cheat day and have alcohol, pasta, and dessert. Now I've learned balance. Instead of having pasta, wine, and dessert, I'll choose one. But I never feel punished or use food as a reward."


She Sets Goals


Mellencamp is a big believer in setting goals when it comes to fitness. She explained why in her interview. "When you set a goal for yourself, and hold yourself to something and commit to it, you will see changes," she says. "I got into a mindset where I was motivated, and I wanted to feel motivated every day. If you can commit, that's when transformation happens."


She's Consistent

Mellencamp shares some of her wellness secrets in an interview with Us Weekly. She says that she makes sure to stay consistent when it comes to exercise.  "I'm active every day. Some days I just go on a walk. Or some days I do a yoga class. But I take an hour a day. I call it, it's like my therapy."


She Makes Time For Herself

Mellencamp is a big believer in self-care. She explained why in an interview with NBC News. "I think so many of us, especially moms or women who are constantly on the go, we forget to take care of ourselves. And a big part of being the best mom, being the best wife, being the best boss, being the happiest you can be, is taking care of yourself, putting yourself as a priority. I write myself down in my agenda every single day because if I don't have that hour to me, I'm not my best."

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