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Tennis Star Sloane Stephens Shares Swimsuit Photo Having "Too Much Fun"

How to live and train like a champion.

American tennis champion Sloane Stephens had a beautiful summer with partner Jozy Altidore, and shared pictures on her social media of their magical vacation. Stephens, 30, posted snaps of herself wearing a bright two-piece swimsuit sun while soaking up the sun on a luxury yacht. Other pictures showed her and soccer star Altidore posing against a gorgeous ocean sunset. "Sloane you are having too much fun!!!" a fan commented. Stephens has won seven WTA Tour singles titles—so how does she do it? Here are 5 ways she lives the lifestyle of a true champion. 


Lots of Strength Work

Stephens does a lot more cardio during training season, and focuses more on strength training during down time. "When you're younger, there is a lot of pressure to always be grinding, always be training—the whole 'I'm working while you're sleeping' sort of mentality," she says. "I've adapted my training over the years to be incredibly efficient and effective so my body has time to rest… The strength work is all focused on dynamic movement and incorporates a lot of bodyweight [moves] and resistance bands."


Protein and Carbs


Stephens enjoys a diet packed with protein, complex carbs, and lots of vegetables. "I'm all about balance and eating intuitively," she says. "I also won't deprive myself of an occasional bubble tea or Frappuccino. A lot of it comes down to convenience and what is readily available nearby since I don't have a lot of time to cook."


Sticking To a Routine

Stephens follows a routine no matter where she is or what she's doing. "Listening to your body is one of the most important things you can do — being an athlete or not," she says. "Being an athlete, it's crucial that I'm in tune with what my body is telling me and what it needs. It's definitely tough to accept being hurt or needing a break, but it's SO necessary… To the best of my ability, I try to keep my routine pretty consistent in every location and this helps me acclimate quicker to new timezones, temperatures, altitudes, etc. Some things are, of course, out of my control, but I try to stay grounded in my routines and daily habits to make the transitions as comfortable as possible."


Proper Hydration


Stephens makes sure to stay on top of her water intake. "Hydration! It's the key to everything in life – skin, recovery, and overall health," she says. "It's so simple but makes the biggest difference in my daily life. With so many variables and changes each week in a different city, different plane, different hotel room – I know I can rely on myself to consistently hydrate and help my body function at its best."


No Quick Fix

Stephens says consistency is key to success. "I know this isn't a secret quick fix (sorry!), but there really is no substitute for consistency. Find something you like to do and increase the time every day… I worked out on Zoom every day with the kids I serve in Compton through the Sloane Stephens Foundation and we got really creative with using regular household items like chairs and books for challenging workouts. My diet is also very important, especially while spending so much time at home this past year. Quantum Energy Squares provide me with the balanced protein, carbs, and fats I need to be my best. I keep a few of the Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip bars in my training bag so I'm always prepared and properly fueled."

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