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The Witcher Star Mecia Simson Shares Swimsuit Photo "Playing With the Sun"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

The Witcher star Mecia Simson went on a trip to Rhodes, Greece, and shared the highlights on her social media. Simson, who plays Francesca Findabair on the show, posted pictures of herself standing in the surf, wearing a white bikini and long white skirt. Behind her was a stunning sunset over the ocean.  "Playing with the Sun 🌞," she captioned the post. Here's what Simson gets up to when she's not working on the hit show.


Gym Sessions

Simson works out at the gym when she's not out and about. "I've got a gym where I live, so I use that a lot," she says. "I've got a Soho House membership, so I'll use the White City gym to make the most of it. It's quite far, but it's like a little day out. They've got a swimming pool and steam room, so if I feel like a more luxurious workout, I'll go there."


London Walks


Simson enjoys taking long walks around London to stay active. "Hampstead Heath is my favorite place. I've been in London for 13 years, and never really understood what it was all about until I moved to north London," she says. "It's really magical. I like to use the Ladies Pond, and chill out there in the summer. It feels closer to the country. I'm a country girl, so it's the best place for me. Ally Pally [Alexandra Palace] is also close by. If I need a breather, I'll go there. Because it's so big, it helps you to get rid of the city. If I haven't got much time, I'll go to Ally Pally; if I've got a few hours, I'll go to Hampstead Heath. It's about a 45-minute walk."


Psychology and Crystals


Simson is interested in crystals and healing. "I love learning about psychology and philosophy," she says. "I have so many amazing books that I like to get lost in. I try to buy fiction when I go to the bookshop but somehow I always end up leaving with books about humans and the universe. I'm obsessed with crystals, I believe they hold energies that you can work with as a support when doing inner work and this one helped me through a lot."


Learning From Her Peers


Simson looks up to other actors and learns from them. "There are so many actors I love to watch and study but my favorite type of actor are character actors, I'm obsessed with Meryl Streep, Joaquin Phoenix, Cate Blanchett and Margot Robbie," she says. "When it comes to preparing for a role or an audition I always find myself drawing from real people and real stories. I like to get into the psychology of why people are the way they are. YouTube is my friend, there's endless videos and documentaries of people from different backgrounds that you can get lost into. I love it so much because I feel like I'm constantly learning about people and the world that we live in."


Britain's Next Top Model

Simson won Britain's Next Top Model in 2009 and says it helped give her confidence. "I feel like it impacted me in a very positive way because it gave me a confidence that I didn't have before," she says. "But also because I moved away from home and entered a career that had no stability at such a young age it meant I really had to learn how to fend for myself, it was go hard or go home and going home was out of the question for me."

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