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This Is Us Star Janet Montgomery Shares Swimsuit Photo From Antigua

Here is how she stays centered.

This Is Us star Janet Montgomery is enjoying a gorgeous vacation in the Caribbean with her family. Montgomery, who played Olivia Maine on the hit show, shared highlights of her trip on social media, including one of her posing in a swimming pool in a bikini and dark sunglasses, the ocean behind her. Another shot shows her relaxing on a lounger, looking out at the beautiful view. Montgomery works hard, both professionally and when it comes to her fitness routine. Here's what her workouts look like.


She's a Boxer

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Montgomery loves boxing, even though sometimes the workouts are almost too intense. "I started boxing a few months after I gave birth back in 2019," she says. "My husband and I started together and it was purely so I could get back in shape: after a few months my body was back to its usual size and I stopped. I started training again in April of this year but this time it had nothing to do with aesthetics and more to do with wanting to feel strong. I felt trampled on in certain areas of my life and weak. Honestly I was probably a little depressed and was struggling to see a way out of it. I hated that my daughter saw Daddy as the strong one so I started working with my trainer to build up my overall stamina and strength. Looking back now I think I was feeling powerless in so many areas of my life. I knew that if I started training again I could regain some of that power back."


Working With Trainer


Montgomery's trainer knows how to bring the best out of her. "I am someone that needs help in order to reach my full potential," she says. "I need to be pushed beyond my comfort level and I also need encouragement because I get self conscious easily. My trainer Henry DeLeon never goes easy on me: even when I turn on the water works! He just won't let me give up on myself. I would say I have a love hate relationship with him because when I am not in the middle of a session I love him and love the strength he is helping me build in my body and my mind. But if you asked me in the middle of one of our sessions I would tell you that I absolutely hate the guy. Which honestly makes it a lot easier (and enjoyable) to throw punches at him."


Made In Jersey


Montgomery is proud of her Made In Jersey character. "I actually just hired an assistant who is from New Jersey who has been giving me the low down in details," she says. "She is like Italian New Jersey, so she is just perfect for me to really get a feel for exactly like the lifestyle, because I just need to really submerge myself in this role. They do get a bad rap, but then I think coming from a place like England where there is so much classism and like people from Manchester get a bad rap or people from New Cockney get a bad rap … My eyes are open to that kind of ignorance."


Making Lists


Montgomery likes to prepare for the next day by making to-do lists. "Most nights I write down a list of things I need to do the next day," she says. "I store it in my notes on my phone. I will nearly always make the list too long but it means I have a whole checklist that keeps me on schedule because I am someone who can easily get distracted."


Simple Style

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Montgomery likes a low-key, simple style for everyday wear. "My personal style has always been unfussy," she says. "I wear minimal jewelry, rarely wear heels and I am usually wearing at least one item of denim. Online shopping can be dangerous for me because I think I use it as a distraction from my thoughts. I can sit on Net-a-Porter for hours just scrolling and end up buying nothing! I hate the pressure actresses are put under to be 'fashionable' because it kills a lot of one's own personal style. With so much fashion influence at the touch of a screen it can be difficult to know the difference between what you like and what you are being told to like."

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