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Thunder Rosa in Workout Gear Shows Off "Style"

She wore floral workout gear. Rosa captioned the post, “Life.”

Thunder Rosa is a successful wrestler with AEW. She is an AEW Women's Champion and a Lucha Underground Trios Champion. Rosa shared a reel on Instagram last month. In it, she wore floral workout gear. Rosa captioned the post, "Life." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Thunder Rosa stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She's Changing Her Life

Rosa talked about recovering from surgery in an interview with Wrestle Zone. She says that she is changing her approach to movement to protect herself. "Once you have surgery, recovery's gonna be longer. Things are not gonna be the same. Reinjury is pretty high, and you're gonna have to [inaudible]. It really pissed me off because it's like, no, it shouldn't be that way. I want to do this and I want to do that. On top of everything that is happening with the injury, you just have to accept that you have to take a step back and let your body heal."


She's Dedicated

Rosa tells Athletes In The Arts via Wrestling Inc that she's dedicated to her sport. "Before I won my championship, I was hurt for the longest," she said. "One time, even doc was like 'You need to be taped if you're going into the ring.' I couldn't feel my legs when I got out of the ring. But I have to get out there. I couldn't let people down. So I wrestled with my hips taped for about two months, because I was wrestling all the time. So it was like, nonstop because of that drive that we have. I wanted to be the champion. I wanted to be the best. I wanted people to say that I did it, I wanted to say that I did it for myself."


She Stays Fit

Rosa talked about the importance of staying healthy for the ring to Athletes In The Arts via Wrestling Inc. "And now on the stage that I'm in, I've got to manage not eating right, not working out the way I want to work out, because I've been on the road. The last few months I've been home two times in the last few months? I'm a mother, I have to take care of my kid, I have to take care of my business. And I have to be a champion. I've got to balance things out."


She Manages Her Mental Health


Rosa makes sure to manage her mental health. She shared how she does so to The San Antonio Current. "It is important that you seek help, that you find the help and that you follow through. As I was mentioning to you, I was speaking to athletes at UC Berkeley, and I spoke to five or six that were on the bench. They were all super eager to get back and everything, but I told them about the importance of taking care of their bodies and taking care of them properly so they can come back and … they don't get re-injured and then they're out for a lot longer, because that's so heartbreaking. Especially when you're in the peak of your career and something like this happens, and you have to all of a sudden make a choice to either take care of yourself or hurt yourself. So, it's just really important that you take care of yourself first before you can continue to perform to the peak of where you want to be."


She Works With Professionals/slidetitle]

Rosa tells The San Antonio Current that she sought help from medical experts and trainers to help her recover. "It's been tough. It's been tough. But we are in the last part of the recovery. I've been following the AEW health protocol to the T. The medical staff have been absolutely amazing. They helped me with so many things from physical to mental. And right now we're working on not physical therapy, per se, but mostly on strength training and just getting back in the ring as much as possible."

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