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Tiffani Thiessen In Black Leggings Is "Zipping Into My 50s"

Here’s how this ageless queen takes care of herself.

Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tiffani Thiessen turned 50 on January 23rd, and celebrated by going on a big adventure with her loved ones. Thiessen shared a video reel of herself wearing black leggings, sneakers, and a matching jacket, ziplining against some incredible views. "Zipping into my 50s never felt so good. @highlineadventures was a HUGE highlight from last weekend's birthday festivities. I'm already planning my next trip back. Who's with me? ✋🏼," she captioned the post. Here's how the '90s icon stays happy, healthy, and beautiful.


Gym and Ice Baths

Thiessen is very into wellness and longevity trends. "I'm a huge gym rat," she told PEOPLE. "I work out a ton. And I'm very much into ice bathing. It's so good for you. I'm obsessed with it. But it's hard. I put it right up there with natural childbirth. Ice bathing is a huge mental challenge."


She Loves Food

Thiessen refuses to follow any restrictive fad diets, instead striving for balance. "I'm like an 80-20 percent kind of person," she told Hollywood Life. "I try to be because I love food. I love to cook… Eating a salad three times a day is not always what I want to do. So, I think it's all about balance and that's the way to go with my kids too. I want to say, 'Look, if you're going to eat your broccoli on your plate, I'll have something fun for you to eat after.' There's a reward in that. Why not? You've got to have a little fun."


Pandemic Pounds

Like many people, Thiessen gained some unwanted weight during the pandemic lockdowns, and worked hard to get it off again. "I think when you're stuck at home and no one's going to the gym and certain times of the year it's harder to workout outside," she told Hollywood Life. "My husband was the only one who lost weight during COVID. Damn him… And now I'm in full competition. I'm like, 'All right. I got this.' I got up at 5 o'clock this morning. I went to the gym. I can do this. I can get this COVID weight off."


Urban Farm Life

Thiessen keeps chickens and grows her own vegetables. "I always gravitated toward that lifestyle," she told PEOPLE. "It's how I was raised. We always had chickens when we were little. My dad worked for the city of L.A. designing all the public parks, so he had a green thumb and we grew a lot of our food as well. I wanted to do the same with my children. Luckily my husband was on board too."


Cutting Back on Booze

Thiessen is mindful of her alcohol intake. "I've been doing cold plunging for a while and I'm pretty obsessed with it, so that's been my new thing," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I also really cut back down on the alcohol. It's been something that's really changed my body and my head. I feel so much better."


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