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Track and Field Star Robin Bone Shares Swimsuit Photo as "Beach Barbie"

Here’s how she keeps her eyes on the prize.

Canadian pole vault, hurdle, and long jump athlete Robin Bone is showing off her incredible skills on the beach. Bone shared a video of herself wearing a bright pink bikini as she performed cartwheels and backflips on the sand, making it look effortless. "Annual off-season beach gymnastics—have to make sure I can still flip 😅," she captioned the impressive post. "I can't even imagine being this athletic and coordinated," a fan commented. "Beach Barbie!" commented fellow Canadian track and field athlete Rachel Hyink. How does Bone get that incredible physique? Here are 5 ways the athlete stays strong, focused, and limber.


Training Schedule

Bone's workout schedule looks the same day to day:

  • 7:00am: Eldoa exercises and Mobility
  • 7:30am: Warm-up + pre-training activation exercises
  • 8:30am: Technical work/ speed training/ speed endurance
  • 10:30am: Circuit/complex work to end track session
  • 11:00am: Pre-weight training snack/break
  • 11:30am: Weight training
  • 12:45pm: Cool-down/mobility
  • 1:00pm: Ice bath/Contrast therapy
  • 1:30pm: Lunch/Break
  • 3:00pm: Athletic Therapy Treatment w/ PT/Chiro/RMT


Upper Body Workouts

One of Bone's favorite upper body strength exercises is the Stability Ball Body Saw to Pike Pushup. "In a push-up position place your feet onto the stability ball with your hands remaining on the ground roughly shoulder width apart," she explains. "Once in this position push back towards the stability ball rolling onto your shins creating a flat line from your shoulders to your body. Then roll forward into a pike position with your hips above your shoulders. Once in this pike position, do a push-up keeping your hips above your shoulders. Throughout this exercise it is vital to keep a strong and stable core. (For beginners, start with just the body saw before working your way to adding in the pike push-up!)"


Training Diet


Bone's dietary staple during training days is coffee and a bowl of oats with chia seeds, fruit, and almond butter. "Oatmeal is one of the most affordable whole grains, perfect for hungry athletes on a budget," says Nancy Clark, MS RD CSSD FACSM. "At least half your daily grains should be whole grains. Oats for breakfast give you a good start to reaching that whole grain goal for the day. Oats have about 5 grams of protein per ½ cup dry serving. A good protein target for breakfast is at least 20 grams, so cook the oats in 1 cup milk (dairy milk, 8 g protein, or soy milk, 7g protein) and stir in 2 tablespoons of peanut butter or ¼ cup of nuts (8 g pro), and you'll have a super sports breakfast!"


Hanging Leg Lifts

Another of Bone's favorite exercises is Hanging Leg Lifts into Inversion. "While hanging on a bar with straight arms and straight legs, lift your feet to touch the bar," she says. "Once in this position, using your core, lift your hips above your head into a fully inverted position with your feet towards the ceiling (you will be hanging upside down on the bar!). Then lower your hips back down while keeping your feet straight above you in a pike position. Without dropping your feet, lift your hips back above your head into the inverted position. Build your way up to doing sets of 10. For beginners, focus on completing 10 regular leg lifts without inversion while building strength." 


Head In the Game

Bone is known for wearing a helmet when competing, after suffering a concussion when she was 16. "In high school I knew people were talking about it but I just never cared," she says. "My dad was a football coach and I was always tagging along, so wearing a helmet didn't seem like this embarrassing thing. It never seemed silly to me. When I was a freshman at these track meets, I could hear the whispers. It just motivated me. It showed me how much I care about pole vault and why I could be just as good as the people making fun of me."

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