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Trainer Brittany Perille in Workout Gear Does "Core Challenge"

She congratulated her followers that did it.

Brittany Perille is a personal trainer. She shares her fitness journey and favorite workouts on Instagram. Perille recently encouraged her followers to do a core workout challenge. In a recent post on Instagram, she congratulated her followers that did it. Perille captioned the post, "You did it!" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Brittany Perille stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Puts Herself First

Perille is all about putting herself first, and encouraged her followers to do the same in the caption of this post. "I say this all the time, YOU MATTER JUST AS MUCH AS YOUR LITTLE HUMANS 📢👏🏻If you're wanting to start reconnecting with your body postpartum but you're feeling the above, let this be your gentle nudge to GO FOR IT, mama! If you can't shake those guilty feelings, bring them with you to your workout. Sit them down next to you and they can watch you move your body in a way that feels best for you."


She Works Her Abs

Perille makes sure to work her core. She shared a pretty easy workout in this Instagram post. Perille captioned it, "Struggling with connecting to your abs? Think of taking a big ol scoop of your favorite ice cream!! 🧠💡 : Inhale, 360-degree breath. Exhale and contract your pf and deepest abs by imagining taking a scoop of your favorite ice cream. Start scooping from your pubic bone all the way up to your middle, and/or upper region of your deepest abs."


She Does Quadruped Lateral Leg Swings

Perille makes sure to work her legs. She shared some of her favorite workouts, and why she enjoys them, in the caption of this Instagram post. One thing Perille does is quadruped lateral leg swings. "The deep stretch as your toes travel towards the pulley is phenomenal 🤤. Great way to overload through eccentric lengthening!"


She Does Traverse Abductions

Brittany Perille/Instagram

Another workout Perille does to work her legs is traverse abductions. She revealed in her Instagram post that she uses a band and a dumbbell to do them. She wrote in the post, "I've been doing these on the reg lately to tap straight into the glute med & upper glute max subdivision. Notice the accordion 🪗 like movement of my knees and how I almost sink my glutes back a pinch towards my feet (more noticeable in front view)."


She Does Extra Strength Abductions

Another leg workout Perille does is extra strength abductions. She talked about this in the caption of the Instagram post. "Thank you for this one. The bench really adds a good amount of support to assist in progressive overloading of the muscle fibers. Toes travel towards the pulley."

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