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UFC TV Host Camila Oliveira in Two-Piece Workout Gear Enjoys "Photo Day"

She pulls off "this crazy idea."

Camila Oliveira is a host on UFC TV who lives life to the fullest. She's currently expecting a baby. Oliveira recently did a maternity shoot, and shared a highlight reel on Instagram. In it, she posed in the ring. Olivera captioned the post, "Picture day with the wonderful @thaysecardosofotografia, who came up with this crazy idea to turn me into a boxing fighter with my princess in the oven. Prepare for the photos coming soon!" 


She Skis

Oliveira likes to ski to stay in shape. She shared this photo on Instagram of herself on the slopes of the Valle Nevado Ski Resort. The University of Rochester Medical Center states that skiing is a great workout. "Skiing and snowboarding are thrilling activities and great workouts. Both sports are excellent cardiovascular exercises that strengthen the heart. They are also weight-bearing exercises. So hey strengthen your bones as they tone your muscles. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises also work to reduce your risk for ongoing (chronic) diseases. They lower your blood pressure. And they help you maintain a healthy body weight. Through regular aerobic exercise like skiing and snowboarding, you lower your risk of developing conditions like diabetes and heart disease, having a stroke, and perhaps even getting cancer."


She Does Yoga

Oliveira likes to do yoga. She's still doing it while she's pregnant. Oliveira shared these photos on Instagram of herself doing poses. She captioned the post, "Yoga during pregnancy: a very beneficial physical activity. (Videos in our stories) – Helps to balance emotions; increases the flow of vital energy, helping to control feelings. – Increases flexibility; helps tone the human body muscles, giving better flexibility and less joint pain. – Some positions can help you in labor; stretching exercises are a great preparation for childbirth. That's because practicing yoga during pregnancy can tone your muscles, especially the pelvic region, helping to soften tension. – Increases strength; practicing yoga during pregnancy is a good alternative to strengthening the muscles of the body, particularly the legs and lower back, preparing for increased weight and effort in the final stretch of pregnancy."


She Runs On The Treadmill

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According to this post on Instagram, Oliveira likes to run on the treadmill. HealthyTalbot states that using a treadmill has a lot of benefits. "Treadmill working is an aerobic/ cardio exercise. Studies demonstrate that aerobic exercise can minimize the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, they can strengthen your heart muscles. This helps to lower blood pressure and allows the heart to pump blood more efficiently. Most doctors recommend aerobic exercise to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases."


She Has A Dog

Oliveira has a dog, whom she prominently features on Instagram. She shared this reel of herself hanging out with her dog on their birthday. She captioned the post, "Happy 2 years to my partner in crime, my life, my everything! The best choice of my life was adopting this white girl. Made our home merrier and full of life. I love you gaya."


She Swims

Oliveira likes to swim to stay in shape. She shared this photo on Instagram of herself wading in the lake in Porto Belo. Exercise physiologist, Christopher Travers, tells The Cleveland Clinic that swimming has a lot of benefits. "As cardiovascular exercises go, swimming offers a little less wear and tear on the body than other options," Travers says. "It's a good choice for just about anyone."

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