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Vicky Pattison In Black Workout Gear Is "Happiest I've Ever Been"

“I am 110% the person I promised I'd never be.”

After years of partying both on screen and off, Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison is embracing a more simple life, and she couldn't be happier. Pattison, 36, shared pictures of her activities over the long weekend, including one of her wearing a tank top, posing in the sunshine with partner Ercan Ramadan. "I used to go out on a Sunday and come home on a Monday… and now I consider it wild if I stay up past 11pm and treat myself to a Magnum 😂 I am 110% the person I promised I'd never be… but you know what else??? I am the happiest I've ever been 🥹😍," she captioned the post. Here's how the reality star stays fit and fulfilled.


Healthy Breakfast


Pattison enjoys a fiber-filled breakfast to give her energy. "In the morning I try and eat a sensible breakfast as soon as I get up or straight after I train if I'm training early," she told Healthista. "Something like porridge with blueberries or raspberries or fresh figs on the top. I'm obsessed with my porridge, it's so lovely trying out different toppings. If I don't have porridge I have eggs: scrambled eggs on a bit of brown toast, love it. Or poached eggs with spinach. I love things like that. I also drink a lot of green tea and about 2-3 liters of water every day."


Mixing Up Her Workouts

Pattison likes to mix up her workouts. "I do try and train every morning to the workouts that are on my DVD," she told Healthista. "They're full body and you don't need anything to do them, no weights or anything like that, just your own body weight. I get up every morning and there's no drama, it's just so easy. There's no worry in the back of your mind saying 'urgh I've got to go to the gym'. I still go to the gym sometimes and I also really like a bit of swimming too. I also occasionally go to spinning classes, but only if I'm feeling brave."


Golden Glow

Pattison is no longer obsessed with tanning, preferring safer methods. "Obviously everyone knows me from bursting onto your screens with a very questionable, very aggressive tan, but I like to think I've mellowed over the years," she told OK!. "I'm definitely less radioactive now, but old habits die hard and I do love a nice golden glow!"


Lots of Protein

Pattison enjoys a protein-packed lunch and dinner. "For lunch I normally have a salad, either a big chicken salad or a wrap if I'm on the go full of a nice bit of tuna or falafel or something like that," she told Healthista. "For tea I try and have a big portion of protein like tuna steak, a filet steak, chicken breast or salmon or prawns. I either make a cheeky student stir fry if I'm eating at home, as my culinary skills are limited or I have steak and veg. I try and have as much green veg as possible, or maybe some sweet potato or something."


No Filter Beauty

Pattison started her No Filter beauty brand to encourage natural beauty. "I feel really passionate about making something that helps women feel gorgeous and super confident," she told OK!. "You know, chat to that boy in the bar! Ask for that pay rise! Whatever it helps you achieve. We know that slapping on a bit of war paint, putting on that lipstick, makes you feel better."

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