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Vicky Pattison In Workout Gear Is "Falling In Love With my Life"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison is sharing some recent happy highlights from her day-to-day life. Pattison, 36, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a matching shirt, doing resistance training at the gym. "Been really busy falling in love with my life recently… And here are some of my favorite moments.. 🥹♥️ Grateful for a stolen few days spent at @thefishhotel, which will forever be our happy place.. 🐠 My job that I love and continues to take me to weird and wonderful places and allows me to meet some amazing people and do wonderful things for others 🥹 And most of all, my gorgeous boys of course- erc, Max and Milo… I love all your fluffy butts 😂," she captioned the post. Here's how Pattison stays fit and happy.


Yoga and Pilates Workouts

Pattison loves zero gravity Pilates and yoga. "I'm training quite intermittently right now and just walking Milo every day – I love getting out in nature and having the opportunity to bond with my pet," she told Health & Wellbeing. "It's funny, because I used to train if I had a holiday coming up or wanted to be a certain size, but now I'm older, I work out to keep my mental health in a good place. Plus, if Milo gets any stronger, he'll be taking me for a walk!"


Limiting Sugar and Bread

Pattison is mindful about her sugar intake. "I try not to exclude any major food groups as a way to guarantee that I want something is to say I can't have it," she told Women's Health. "Saying that, I do avoid refined sugars and simple carbs like white bread as there's just no need for them and they make me feel rubbish and lethargic. The only exception to this is alcohol – and I'll never give that up entirely. Life is for living!"


Healthy Choices

Pattison works out for both mental and physical health. "When I'm not getting good quality sleep or eating well, I tend to put my worst foot forward in the morning, so waking up a few minutes before my alarm makes me feel like I'm capable of dealing with anything that life throws at me, whether it's a bad press story, a traffic jam or a nasty Instagram comment," she told Health & Wellbeing. "That's why I'm training at the moment, to be strong physically and mentally."


Baths and Netflix

Vicky Pattison/Instagram

Pattison loves to unwind with baths and her favorite TV shows. "What I consider self-care is time on my own for me. I know everybody's different so once a week, or once a month I like to take a morning or evening, or if I'm being really self-indulgent, a whole day where I just don't see anybody," she told Heat World. "I don't look at my phone, I put on a Netflix show… I have a glass of wine, some chocolate, I put on a face mask, some nice body lotion, I light a nice candle. I just totally cut off from the rest of the world. I think it's important for your mental health to take time just for you."


No Crazy Diets

Pattison is a strong advocate for a balanced diet and lifestyle. "I train when I can, eat healthily 80 per cent of the time, combat hunger pangs by carrying nuts and berries in my handbag as well as a protein shakes, drink 3 liters of water a day, and actually enjoy green tea – other than that I'm not too hard on myself!" she told Women's Health. "I love Haribo and wine and I'm definitely not about to live in a world where they don't feature in my life – balance is my mantra!"

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