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Volleyball Star Brandie Wilkerson In Workout Gear Says "It's Your World"

"Say it with your chest."

Canadian beach volleyball player Brandie Wilkerson is sharing some inspirational advice with her social media followers. Wilkerson, 31, posted a video of herself playing volleyball on the sand in black leggings and a long-sleeve shirt, a motivational message playing over her post. "If I learnt anything in the last year it's environment is everything. So go where you're valued. Protect your peace. Say it with your chest. It's your world 💯," she captioned the post. Here's how Wilkerson stays active, fit, and happy.


Wellness Warrior

Wilkerson is happiest when she's moving and being creative. "[My favorite wellness activities are] beach volleyball, yoga, spa days, creating art, making fresh foods, laughing, reading, dancing and hiking," she told Herb Pharm (she is their athlete ambassador). "My morning routine starts with journaling, doing my virtual Volleyball Canada check-ins, getting dressed for practice and then sipping a warm Honey Turmeric Tea that I add Herb Pharm's Ginger and Reishi extracts into."


Volleyball Journey

Wilkerson is proud to represent Canada on the international stage. "I started playing indoor club volleyball at 18 years old when high school coaches and friends encouraged me to pursue it," she told Blenders Eyewear. "After that, I quickly gained success on my varsity team at York University which opened the door to beach volleyball. I had friends that attended my university who were Canadian Beach Volleyball Team members, and they directed me to try out and train with the program alongside my varsity career. After graduation from university, I committed full-time to beach volleyball, making the National Team and traveling all over the world representing Canada."


Always Curious

Wilkerson is always striving to learn and evolve. "I like to do anything that allows me to be creative or learn something new," she told "I love to explore new places, foods, music, art, and shops, it is a large part of who I am. Especially if I can share those moments with people I love."


Advice For Young Athletes


Wilkerson is grateful for the support she gets from fans and family, and has good advice for up-and-coming athletes. "My lifelong inspiration has been my mother," she told "She teaches me how to be a resilient, resourceful, honest, authentic, and a deeply joyful human which has translated into my game more than anything else. My piece of advice for any young beach volleyball player is to take risks, listen to your body, and be your own biggest fan. These three things have helped my game and success immeasurably."


Motto For Life

Wilkerson has a personal motto she lives by. "'Inner reality creates the outer form—stay present.' To me, this means that our minds and the present moment are all that matters. Take care of it and it'll serve you well," she told Herb Pharm.

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