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Wednesday Star Christina Ricci Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "Happy Birthday"

The ‘90s trend she will never give up.

Wednesday star Christina Ricci shared a very sweet birthday message for husband Mark Hampton on her social media. Ricci, who plays Mrs. Marilyn Thornhill on the show, posted a picture of the couple from a trip to the beach, with the actress wearing a black swimsuit and a big smile. "Happy Birthday to the absolute love of my life ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Makes me cry thinking about how wonderful you are and how lucky we all are to get to be in your life. The amount of love, kindness, warmth and joy you have brought is hard to believe and I am so grateful you were born!" she captioned the post. Here's what makes Ricci happy, and one '90s trend she will never give up.


Thin Eyebrows

Ricci is not one to follow the current thick eyebrows trend. "I would say there's two '90s beauty trends that I've never stopped doing. One is I will always have thinner eyebrows," she says. "I am not capable of having thicker eyebrows, so I just keep plucking them the way I always did! Maybe not as extreme as the period of time where I was plucking them too thin by mistake. But [since] I naturally have thin ones, that'll always be a nineties beauty trend on my face."


Dog Mom

Ricci's dogs bring her joy. "Well, I like to cuddle with them [my dogs]," she says. "They don't sleep with us—they sleep on their own beds—but I love to let them come into the bed and cuddle and just hang out. I've had Karen since I was 29 years old, and I always say she's my first baby. She is really the reason I got involved with Stella & Chewy's, because as she got older, I wanted to obviously keep her around for as long as possible, but also make sure she was comfortable and healthy."


Wellness Routine


Ricci's wellness routine is all about skincare and running. "When I want to look and feel good, I really do have a two-mask process," she says. "First it's the Hanacure [facial set], and then I do the 111Skin Black Diamond Mask. I never go on camera without having done that. I'm really the wrong person to talk to about wellness. I don't really take care of myself very well — but, just recently, I started running again. So I guess the only thing I really do for wellness is run."


Not the Girl Next Door

Ricci's advice to her younger self is to embrace being unique. "I would go back and tell my younger self to just lean into being unique and individual," she says. "When I was younger, that wasn't really that popular. There was a big push for everyone to be relatable and the girl next door. But I think now we know that lots of different kind of girls live next door for sure. So I would just tell myself to hold on and lean into being unique and it'll all work out."


Best Relationship Advice

Ricci's best relationship advice is all about respect. "I don't know that I received this. I think I learned this over time," she says. "I would say my best piece of relationship advice is to treat your loved one with the same kind of manners and politeness that you would with someone you just met. Always say please and thank you, excuse me, etc. I just feel like we get into these things where we feel so comfortable that we end up just treating the other person not in the way that we would treat even a stranger."

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