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Wednesday Star Riki Lindhome Shares Swimsuit Photo From the Pool

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Wednesday star Riki Lindhome is stepping out of her comfort zone and stepping into some beautiful sunshine. Lindhome, who plays Dr. Valerie Kinbott on the hit Netflix show, shared a picture of herself looking fresh-faced and serene in a green one-piece swimsuit, posing by the pool. "Not a sun person or a pool person but here we are," she captioned the post. Here's what Lindhome's health and wellness regimen looks like.


Hiking In the Hills


Lindhome is constantly active and exploring, even on her vacations. "Outdoor exercise can be fun and beneficial, but any type of exercise is worthwhile and worth pursuing," according to ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute. "Both forms can help you successfully achieve the desired results whether you exercise indoors or outdoors. It appears that the biggest benefit of an outdoor exercise routine is more mental than physical. The good, relaxed, positive feelings associated with an outdoor exercise routine can make it more enjoyable to perform and a person will most likely be more willing to 'stick' to it.  Be active inside or out, but be active!"


Theater Fan


Lindhome loves going to the theater, which like other forms of entertainment, can positively impact mental health and wellbeing. "Participating in entertainment activities with others can help to foster social connections and improve mental health," says Krish Tangella MD, MBA. "For example, going to a concert or joining a sports team can provide opportunities to meet new people and build friendships."


Tea Drinker


Lindhome enjoys tea for a delicious energy boost. "Drinking black tea without added sweeteners can decrease blood glucose and improve your body's ability to manage sugar," according to the experts at UCLA Health. "Research also shows that black tea improves blood sugar levels immediately following meals in normal and pre-diabetic adults."


World Travel

Lindhome travels around the world for work and for play. "Traveling for pleasure can contribute to subjective well-being because people have more opportunities to detach from their work environment, to experience new things, and to control what they want to do during vacations," says Paul Simeone, PhD, Vice President and Medical Director of Behavioral Health with Lee Health. "There's ample research to support that positive travel experiences can make a person healthier, can strengthen their relationships, and benefits their overall wellness."


Red Wine For Celebration

Lindhome enjoys red wine on special occasions. "Red wine is sometimes seen as a healthy choice, particularly as we associate it with the Mediterranean diet," says British Heart Foundation senior dietician Victoria Taylor. "But while it is often included in the traditional diet, it isn't an essential part and should be drunk in moderation. It contains antioxidants, which reportedly have a range of benefits. However, other foods – including grapes, blueberries and strawberries – provide antioxidants without the negative effects of alcohol.

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