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6 Ways White Lotus Star Aubrey Plaza Stays Slim, According to Her Trainer 

In an exclusive interview with Celebwell, Aubrey Plaza's trainer Patrick Murphy breaks down her diet and workouts. 

Known for her deadpan humor and for making her characters so impressionable that people talk about them years later (April Ludgate– Parks and Recreation), Aubrey Plaza is a force that can do it all–TV, film, theater, and produce. The talented star recently scored her first Emmy nomination for her role in the dark comedy White Lotus and will soon make her stage debut in the Off-Broadway show Danny And The Deep Blue Sea. While Plaza is notorious for her comedic timing and off-kilter funny side, there's a seriousness to her. She's very deliberate in every career move, but that's not the only thing she's laser-focused on. Plaza makes her health a priority and works with celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy, CPT, CES, PES, OPT-Prenatal Client, to get her red carpet ready. Patrick, who has worked with A-listers Jennifer Lawrence, Keanu Reeves, Zac Efron, and Cameron Diaz, exclusively reveals to Celebwell how he helps get Plaza in amazing shape.


She Does Postural Workouts


Good posture isn't something many think about, but standing and sitting up correctly has important benefits including improved spine and neck health, better breathing, fewer headaches, increased energy, and more. "Corrective exercises produce positive adaptations," Murphy says. "We are in the world of automation, everything is in front of us. Our spines are in constant flexion, and our arms reach forward, all day, with protracted, elevated shoulders, forward heads, and more. He adds, "Fitness programs need to combat our physical behaviors. My job is also to spotlight how you carry yourself outside of the gym. Establishing optimal posture and alignment produces a pain-free client." Murphy shares the postural workouts Plaza does below. 

Foundational Corrective Exercises Plaza Performs 

– "Mat hip extensions (hip thrusts)

Strengthens the muscles that become weak from seated positions, ie., mid/low back, and glutes.

– Mat Superman (full body extensions)

Strengthens posterior chain, ie., upper n lower back

– Band horizontal reverse flys

Strengthens mid/upper back, rear shoulders

– Band vertical "W" presses

Strengthens upper shoulder girdle and neck"


She Does Cardio Blast Workouts


Murphy, who has studied nutrition for over 25 years and is an expert in reducing body fat, emphasizes the importance of cardio.  "Training the cardio-respiratory system is vital for action roles," he tells us. "Creating a high-endurance heart allows talent to shoot physical scenes over and over again. High-intensity workouts also challenge your nervous system and keep you young." Murphy gives us an inside look into Plaza's cardio workouts. 

Cardio-Respiratory Exercises:

– "Ski-erg intervals, 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, 8 rounds

– Assault Bike intervals, 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds

– Inertia Wave, 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, 8 rounds

– Sled pushes x 10

– Row-erg, 500 meters, 1 min Rest repeat 2x's"


She Does Strength Training Workouts


Murphy also stresses how strength training is a must. "Building strength, lean mass, and bone density is truly anti-aging," he says.  "We use free weights, cables, bands, and a few machines." Here's the strength training moves Plaza does.

Strength Training Exercises for Plaza

– "Cable squat row combo

Compound exercise which covers the upper and lower body

– Push-ups

Upper body/core

– Dumbbell walking lunges

All legs

-Glute drive hip thrust machine

Posterior chain exercise is great for the glutes, hips, and lower back" 


She Avoids Flour Products


Murphy encourages all of his clients to make healthy lifestyle choices and avoid bad food options. "Stay away from flour products, high-preservative foods, and alcohol." He adds, "I created a MEAL GUIDE which covers my foundational approach to the whole food diet. The food lists in the guide share what to eat and what not to eat."


She Eats Whole Foods


Working out is just part of staying healthy–a good diet is important as well. "I have Aubrey work on following a whole foods diet," Murphy says. She "limits all highly refined processed foods and beverages as much as possible."


Healthy Energy Shots


A busy schedule and hard training take a lot of energy, so Murphy also recommends to his clients plant-based Clean Energy shots that are packed with nutrients. He shares, "I'm training clients for 10-12hr days and I also need energy for my own personal workouts. I've tried dozens of pre-workout powders, energy drinks, etc. I always crash hard, mid-day, and then struggle with quality sleep. I've finally found an energy shot that's loaded with amazing high-quality ingredients." 

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