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Willow Smith Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Big Gratitude"

Here are her top lifestyle tips.

Willow Smith is grateful in her swimsuit. In a new social media post, the singer honors her friend and collaborator Eddie Benjamin while lounging around in a black bathing suit. "BIG GRATITUDE to @eddiebenjamin for putting up with my shenanigans while masterfully playing damn near every instrument in the studio 🙏🏾 as you can see we had way too much fun making this track & I can't wait for you all to transcend this earthly plane while listening … I know we did," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps and videos. How does the 22-year-old maintain her amazing body? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle tips. 


Prioritize Self-Care


Willow told Vogue, Willow that self-care is key, which involves taking breaks from work. "In the past, I defined wellness as being productive and getting things done, and that's one side of it," she said. "But I feel like the other side is actually knowing when you just need to stop, take a step back, and be like, 'How do I really feel?'"


Find Workout Buddies


Willow is all about workout buddies. Her go-tos include her mom and grandmother. "[My mom] lives in Maryland, but when we're in town, all three of us work out together," Jada Pinkett Smith said on an episode of Red Table Talk. "Willow makes sure. She's like, 'We gotta wait for Gammy!'" Her grandmother added: "Willow started working out with us this year, and she is really, extremely passionate about it. Jada had to write down her workouts for her before she left," she said, adding that Jada "knew how to change [Willow's] diet to give her exactly what she needs."


Limit Social Media


Willow sets social media timers. "Even if I'm checking in for like 15 minutes a couple times a day, once it hits an hour, it locks me out," she told Vogue about her approach to Instagram.



"I try to meditate for 10 minutes every day," Willow told Vogue. "Sometimes there's the traditional sitting meditation, which, weirdly enough, I don't do as often as I do chants, mantras, or listen to affirmations and repeat them. The thing about meditation is your mind needs to be still. I feel like sometimes, when we close our eyes, our mind just goes crazy. But I find that, when I open my eyes and focus on one specific thing, I can clear my mind more. Meditating with your eyes open: Most people don't know that's a thing, but you can sit and watch the trees! Mantras and affirmations also help me focus my mind on something positive. It's super easy to focus on something negative, or something that really doesn't mean anything, if your eyes are closed. Some people are really, really good at that, but I have a very active mind, so I need to focus it on something positive. I use my UE Fits earbuds to listen to those affirmations, or thunder and ocean sounds—anything like that to get my mind into a calm state."


Go for a Run, Do Yoga, Take a Hike

As for other forms of exercise, Willow has a few go-tos.. "I've been running recently. Running has been very, very, cathartic for me. Just waking up and running every morning," she told Vogue. "I used to hit the yoga every single day, but I feel like what happens with me is I need a variety of different things. Some days I run, some days I do yoga, some days I do a hike, but I feel like I can't do the same thing—I have to switch it up. It doesn't get redundant, and you can still have the same routine, but just switch out the actual action."

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