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WNBA Star A'ja Wilson in Workout Gear Says "Results Are In" On Glutes

Have you ever tried the glute barbell test?

WNBA star A'ja Wilson has been working on her glutes, and it shows. The 27-year-old athlete shared a video of herself and her Las Vegas Aces team mates lying on the floor in workout gear, rolling a barbell over themselves to see if there would be any resistance. "Results Are In 🍑 😉," Wilson captioned the fun post. "This team looks like they have the best time together," a fan commented. Here's what her diet, fitness, and wellness routine looks like.


Resistance Training

Wilson maximizes her gym time to get top results in the shortest time possible. "My main workout is basketball practice," she told Bustle. "I get my exercise in on the court and then in the weight room, where I'll do whatever our coach suggests to make sure my leg and upper body workouts stay balanced. I like working with resistance bands to tighten my glutes. I don't like to sweat or use a lot of weight, so I go for bodyweight workouts like lunges, squats, and clamshells. When I add a band, I feel the burn instantly."


Lots of Chicken


Wilson avoids red meat and drinks plenty of water. "I'm not a pancake or egg person, so I go for something super simple when it comes to breakfast," she told Bustle. "I just need something in my stomach, whether it's fruit, a smoothie, juice — anything like that. If I have a smoothie, it has to have banana or else I think it tastes disgusting. The banana gives it a nice sweetness. I'm not really big on coffee or hot tea. I'm a sweet tea type of girl, but that's more of a lunchtime thing. I have to have some chicken [for lunch]. I try to get my greens in there too, but I always have something with chicken for protein."


Ab Exercises

Wilson has a go-to routine for a strong core. "I love bird dog, and I love dead bug," she told POPSUGAR. "I don't have the best core [strength] in the world, but those two moves are something I really focus on when I train, because I know I need to get my core strength better than what it is."


Cryotherapy For Recovery


Wilson tried cryotherapy and found it very effective. "I did cryotherapy for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was very, very different," she told Bustle. "I normally go in a cold tub to recover after a game, but with cryotherapy, you're in a chamber with gloves and shoes to prevent frostbite. It's quicker than sitting in a cold tub, so it makes my job a little easier. It's really helped me a lot."


Good Sleep Health

Wilson avoids screen time before bed for ultimate sleep quality.  "My biggest thing is just cutting off my phone and my laptop," she told Parade. "I use the Screen Time app on my iPhone and it cuts off all my social media apps and I can't really tap them and use them. So it helps me go to sleep a lot quicker and it helps me to stay asleep because I can't access them again until it's like 11 a.m. I've noticed that it has definitely helped me out because I can now get my brain a rest and I wake up refreshed."

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