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WNBA Star Lexie Brown In Workout Gear Says "I've Been On a Roll"

“I’ve been on a roll, where you been?"

WNBA Star Lexie Brown is taking some time out of her basketball uniform to show off her yoga outfits. The 29-year-old Los Angeles Sparks player shared pictures of herself wearing leggings and a matching sports bra, her hair down around her shoulders as she posed in the sunshine. "I've been on a roll, where you been? Real protective with my soul, where you been? ✨✨" she captioned the post. Here's how Brown stays strong, fit, happy, and more health-conscious than ever.


She Does Yoga

Aside from her basketball training, Brown likes yoga—which is especially useful for athletes. "Yoga promotes physical health in multiple different ways," say the experts at Harvard Health. "Some of them derive from better stress management. Others come more directly from the physical movements and postures in yoga, which help promote flexibility and reduce joint pain."


Baked Ziti For the Team

Brown's favorite dish is baked ziti, which she enjoys cooking for her friends and teammates. "If anyone knows me they know that cooking isn't my strong suit," she told ESPN. "Any time my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner I always asked for it. No matter what. I wouldn't recommend a plate of baked ziti before a big game or tough workout, but it's great for right after! I made this on a visit to some old teammates. They had definitely had a long, hard week of workouts so I wanted to treat them!"


Bacterial Infection Recovery

Brown has a new appreciation for her health after recovering from a bacterial infection last year that forced her to miss games. "My goal was always to come back," she told TheNextHoops. "My mentality was to always conquer this and get back on the court, and that was always the conversations we had. But my mind and my body were not matching up. I never took my health for granted, but if there's any moments that I did, I don't think I'll have those moments anymore."


Positive Personality

Brown says her reputation as "uncoachable" is unfair. "My college experience was incredible, even with the transfer [from Maryland to Duke]," she told Boardroom. "But I did get a taste of a coach trying to tear down your character because I made a personal change. It didn't affect me as bad as it has as a pro, but I saw how quickly things change if you just simply stand up for yourself. I was never problematic. I really ended up just staying out of the way, which then was seen as 'misunderstood' or 'antisocial.' And I rolled with it. [That] was a mistake on my part because I am neither one of those things. I'm coachable [and] a positive person."


Looking Forward to the Future

Brown believes the best is yet to come for the WNBA. "There are some amazing things about the league, but we would be doing each other a disservice for not calling out where they need to be better," she told Boardroom. "I just love this game and this league so much. I want so much better for it. I think my time is coming. I'm just looking forward to the future. I love seeing conversations about the W, even if it's [controversial]. It's better than no conversation at all."

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